Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 Preview Questions: How good is the Atlantic Division?

Winston's game-changing Hail Mary.

The ACC Media predicted a 6th place finish for BC. Considering how Carolina-centric the crowd is at the Media Days, our lowely standing is not a surprise. But is BC really that bad? Is the Divison that good?

Florida State returns their Heisman Trophy winning QB and much of the talent that won the National Championship. I think even the most biased BC fan will admit that the 'Noles will be good this season. Clemson lost a lot of their best skill players, but given their recruiting the past five years, I think it is fair to rank them above BC. Transitioning to a new conference could cause problems and they are also replacing lost stars, but Louisville comes into the division with arguably the best offensive coach in the conference. That will be a tough game. But after that, I think there are a series of teams that all have major questions. 

Syracuse -- reason why they might finish below BC. Still relatively young. Tough schedule could hurt momentum. Terrible passing game. We play them at Alumni. 

NC State -- reason why they might finish below BC. Coming off a terrible season. Breaking in a new QB. Still very young. 

Wake Forest -- reason why they might finish below BC. Tough schedule that could torpedo the season. Making major schematic changes from previous staff. Clawson started slow at his previous stops.

I don't know if BC will finish 4th or 7th in the Atlantic. But I don't think the division is loaded. Outside of Florida State every team is flawed. The bottom of the Division is manageble. It is just a matter BC covering our flaws better than our peer programs. 


NEDofSavinHill said...

If you want a magic scenario for the football team let them win their eight games in Boston. They averaged 34 points per contest at home last year. They scored more points against FSU than any other team in the nation including the SEC champ. If they could put up 34 vs FSU and 34 vs VT the team that held Bama to 200 yards of offense then they can score on all their home opponents. If they can beat Wake and NC ST they could lose at Blacksburg yet still get to the title game with a victory over FSU. It may be a significant long shot but the Seminoles play the U the week before in Miami. An injury to Crablegs might open the door for an upset the next week and an historic season.

ATL_eagle said...

I like the way you think Ned.

JBQ said...

If the mistakes that cost BC losses to FSU and Syracuse can be rectified, then it could be a very enjoyable season. The pass at the end of the half was a "kick in the gut". The final drive by Syracuse where they couldn't be stopped was heart wrenching. That about sums up the difference between an adequate season and a great season. I would still like to know what happened in both of those games and what is being done to see that it doesn't happen again. BJK would go to the campus and light up the athletic department at midnight to get some answers. Actually, Addazio had the Indian on the horse pretty well stymied. The same was true of Syracuse as BC scored late. So, who took responsibility for those two specific failures on defense? Again, if that can be set so it doesn't happen again. That would be great. The fact that the d back didn't intentionally interfere with a sure touchdown is a sign in and of itself that there were big problems with the defensive coaching. Addazio should have read someone the riot act. BJK sure would have.

CT said...

Do we not remember the bowl game? You know, the one where we gave up 530 yds of offense, were down 42-6 early in the Fourth, and got two garbage time TDs to pull within 23? By the brilliance of the transitive property enunciated above, a 7-5 Arizona team should have been in the Sugar Bowl.

I'm LeBronned out, too. But, as alluded to above, we need some major upgrades. I'm more optimistic that the fairly weak conference itself will embellish our expectations rather than reinforce our pragmatism.

ccw said...

Clemson is head and shoulders above the rest of the ACC outside of FSU. The idea that everyone outside of FSU is "flawed" is an inaccurate blanket statemetn.

Clemson has flaws but it is a top 20 team. The rest of the division has teams riddled with flaws and are shooting for bowl berths.

Kash86 said...

Ive seen the O/U for BC wins set at both 5 and 5.5

Think both are really good numbers esp with Maine, UMass, Wake and possibly CSU penciled in as should be wins