Monday, July 21, 2014

Addazio fired up: Coaches' turn at the ACC Media Day

Day 2 of the ACC Media Days meant it was Addazio's turn to talk. He was his usual passionate, confident self. Media Poll results also came out and the assembled group picked BC to finish 6th in the Division. For the Coach, that is just more motivation.
“It doesn’t sit well with me, I’m not going to sit here and lie to you,’’ Addazio said. “But, I understand that. One season doesn’t mean a lot. I think, if anything else, it’ll fuel the fire. I’ll make sure we’ll talk about that as a football team when we get back.

Addazio didn't say anything ground breaking. He was repeatedly asked about replacing Williams and the new offense. Occasionally during his one on ones, something interesting would pop up, like Swiggert's progress.

Here is the Coach talking about expectations for this season. I like using Charlotte as a goal, but any bowl would be an accomplishment.

OVerall it was an effective day for Addazio and BC. He said the right things and represented BC well.


EL MIZ said...

man, when does the season get here?! cannot wait to see the team's YOY development. an all-senior offensive line is going to be above-average at least, and i think we have the horses in the backfield - Willis is a stud, Rouse has been talked up and seems like he can shed tackles and make guys miss, and one of the freshman will develop.

any word on Richard Wilson the Detroit RB? once Hilliman committed there was word that he'd switch to the defensive side of the ball.

the two big questions seem to be the WR corps and the defense. do we have talent at WR to take advantage of what should be a very good run game (good line, mobile QB, good stable of backs)? i am honestly not sure. on D, we just need to improve in all facets of the game. last year the pressure was up but on a whole the group was not very good.

its an exciting time. the Addazio hire honestly couldn't have worked out any better. i love the identity he has molded, he has done a great job on the recruiting trail (2015's class is currently 22nd, one behind Oregon) and he is a great face of the team.

EL MIZ said...

Wilson listed as a RB on the team roster.

Alston is listed as a WR; my guess is they use him in the slot which should be real fun to watch.

Flutie listed as a QB, not a WR, which is surprising given the QB depth (Murphy, Wade, Walsh, with more coming next year).

Bravesbill said...

El Miz, I'd caution against using recruiting rankings this far out for 2015. Remember that Daz had a Top 20 2014 class at one point mostly because he got a lot of commits early, and then the class ended up falling into the high 30s and low 40s (depending on which service you use). Looks like the same will happen for 2015. That said, he sure is doing a hell of a lot better at recruting than both Spaz and Jags.

mod34b said...

Yay! football soon!

A few interesting tidbits offered

Willis is now 203 lbs. At 5'9"/203 he compares to Montel, who was 5'10"/207.

Swiggert: from the tweet, sounds like his recovery is not going well.

Murphy: love watching him run. His ability is going to really open things up for both the running and passing games. Murphy adds a dimension not seen at BC in a long time. Should catch some teams off guard who will still "stuff the box" -- and get burned.

Defense: Not getting a great vibe about the D. Hopefully, our DBs have improved. Hope the DB transfer from UConn is good. I see speedster Joel Z is now listed as a DB.

It should be an intersting season. I really have no guess as to where things will wind up, but I am excited about the possibilities.

Knucklehead said...

All right ATL. Any bowl is an accomplishment? If Addazio said any bowl is the goal you would get after him for having a low bar.

I like your blog but it sucks.

Teej said...

we gota work on dressing this guy, those pants do not fit him...