Saturday, August 23, 2014

Brown signs and serves as model for Christian recruiting

As expected former Southern Miss wing Aaron Brown signed with BC. He's immediately eligible and will start working out with the team right away. After losing out on Terance Mann earlier in the week, locking up Brown is a good sign. Missing on Mann and getting Brown is probably a good look into Christian's future.

Christian has made it clear that he's not going to overload the 2015 recruiting class with freshman. I would expect four and a maximum of five freshmen coming in next year. He'll then back fill the open scholarships with more traditional transfers and a few fifth years. This makes sense on so many fronts. It breaks the cycle of long rebuilds led by one mega class that started with the Raji-Paris-Sanders class under Skinner and continued with Donahue's first full class.

Better distributing the scholarships and adding older players should lead to a more consistent program. If we are ever going to be elite, Christian will have to land a few more players like Mann, but for now a roster of Brown types would be an improvement.


EL MIZ said...

so the scholarship breakdown is as follows:

seniors (7): Heckmann, Dragicevich, Odio, Jackson, Caudill, Brown (transfer), and Batten (transfer)
juniors (2): clifford (i believe he received a med redshirt) and hanlan
sophomores (2): magarity, owens [sam donahue, preferred walk on, is a rising soph as well]
freshman (2): hicks (medical redshirt last year), diallo

so there is decent balance outside of the senior class. a 3-4 man freshman class plus a senior transfer who can play right away and two transfers filling in is probably the most ideal situation.

excited to see how the pieces fit together. the team will feature basically 5 new players - diallo and hicks, the two senior transfers, plus Clifford.

also, per the tweets of the week, it sounds like BC hoops is going to host a bunch of recruits for the friday night football game against pitt. would be awesome to walk away with a commit or two.

CT said...

Kind of think this team may surprise just a little bit next year. Not great, but certainly making progress. But what's up with 2015 and beyond?

NEDofSavinHill said...

In ranking the most critical players it's whats up front that counts. Line play is most important. Looking for production out of the DL. Gutapfel. Wujciak and MA should provide stout tackle play. They average almost three hundred. Mihalik, Moore and Kavalec at ends average 275. BC's line is bigger than the Patriots. If they produce the entire D is effective. The lbs and dbs are experienced. The OL has three starters retuning making Silberman and Bettencourt vital ingredients. Along with the TEs and fullback quality blocking should be attainable. The QBs, Murphy, Flutie and Wade are all athletic in an offense that is not pass dependent for it's success. Look for many victories.

Hoib said...


Great analysis. Thx