Friday, August 15, 2014

Tweets of the Week

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Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Cathy Inglese was a great rep of BC and glad to see that she's getting recognized now that Coach Flip is gone.

Random story, back when I was at BC, we played 'Cuse at Conte when they were undefeated back in 2000. Friend and I didn't have tickets and game was sold out, so we headed down to Conte with the bright idea that perhaps we could sneak in. So we're hanging around probably looking obviously suspicious, and this woman walks by us, then turns around, and approaches and say: "What are you two doing?". We say we were trying to get into the game. She looks at us for a bit, smiles, and says follow me. Leads us in a random door in Conte, through what I recall as administrative offices, down some halls, and ultimately into Conte.

"There's always open seats at the top, enjoy the game." There were.

BC lost a tough one after playing 'Cuse really tight through the half.

Any way, didn't realize it until seeing her photo in the Heights a while later that it was Coach Inglese that let us in.

Took BC WBB from a nothing program to fairly competitive, glad the school belatedly recognizing that.