Saturday, August 16, 2014

Milano to Columbus and other links

After repeatedly proclaiming he was coming to BC, incoming recruit Sonny Milano signed with Columbus and will forego his college career. As much as it sets back BC's program, I trust York and team to fill this potential gap. Good luck to Milano.

Former BC Hockey player Corey Griffin died in Nantucket Saturday morning.

The second scrimmage was a bit sloppy. You can credit the defense, but Addazio was more concerned about the turnovers.


mod34b said...

"Corey Griffin was ecstatic when he called his father Friday night from Nantucket Island. The 27-year-old had just raised $100,000 to fight ALS in honor of his friend, Pete Frates, whose struggle with the disease turned the Ice Bucket Challenge into a viral sensation."

terrible loss. my thoughts and prayers to Corey and his family

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Very low class treatment by Milano of BC. Kid probably didn't belong in college anyway. Not sure what York can do to avoid this in the future. Its the timing and duplicitous recent comments by this kid that really piss me off.

BCDisco said...

So basically nothing but bad news this weekend for BC.