Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bates tries to build on Saturday's excitement and other links

Brad Bates used his latest "Letter from the AD's Desk" to sell people on coming to the final five home games. It is not a bad idea. Everyone's in a great mood about BC sports and the word of mouth from those who attended the game was great. Not every game will be as special and I think there are many factors in a home attendance issues, but a big one that has been overcome is our competitiveness. BC no longer has a sad sack as coach, so I think some of our fans can start to get excited about the games instead of feeling like they are wasting their time. Bates's focus was on the memories of Saturday night, but his office did add a new face this week. Bates hired Marcus Blossom as Associate Athletics Director for Business and Administration. On the surface this is not a major hire, but it is important for Bates. Even two years into his tenure many of the Athletic Department staff are holdovers. Bates did not clean house when he took over. The fact that so many stayed speaks to Bates' ability to win them over but also their love for working at BC. I expect we will finally see some top-level changes once Bates announces the Master Plan.

The story of Henry Hill fixing BC Basketball games will lead off the latest series of 30 for 30 films.

Brian St. Pierre St. John's team is off to a good start.

Here are the Game Notes and Depth Chart for the Maine Game.

Soccer lost to Harvard.

This article on Barry Gallup's role within BC Football is from last week, but still worth your time to read.


Tim said...

BC has hosted an on-campus 5K run to raise money for the Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust for some years now. This year's version will be run on October 25th. Sign up!

JBQ said...

Does anyone know the story on Mehdi. He is not on the injury list and hasn't been playing. Nick O'Leary will pay dearly in the next life for what he did to Mehdi. What a cowardly blind side act with a helmet to the face. Also, I note that Sean is questionable with a knee for Maine. Is that all it is or is his injury more of a catastrophic type? After he was hurt, he kept falling down on the sideline. Coach Addazio had stated that he had a deep bone contusion which means a helmet to the knee.