Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Handling the Crowther relationship with care

This is awesome and I could watch it all day. Addazio does a great job of building to his point and handing it off to the Crowthers. From there Mr. and Mrs. Crowther are charming, sincere and touching as always. They've handled themselves with such class since the moment they were thrust into the spotlight. It was the perfect ending to a week of honor and remembrance of their son.

My concern is news that BC will incorporate the Red Bandanna motif into their uniforms for the remainder of the season. We don't know how or to what extent, but the whole thing gives me pause (like Brian). Welles deserves honor and celebration. Saturday night was perfect. However, if you do something all the time, it makes things less special. And I worry that it also becomes a little exploitative and commercial. Will some on the team be inspired each time they see the Red Bandanna? Of course. But others might start to take it for granted.

I had the similar concerns about exploitation and people missing the point during the Ice Bucket Challenge. And I was probably wrong then. Whatever fears I had of people's motivations, clearly the good aspects of the Challenge far exceeded any social media narcissism that took place. Maybe I am wrong here. Maybe incorporating the Red Bandanna into the uniforms will be done with subtlety and respect. Or maybe I shouldn't worry, because the Crowthers have handled this whole process so well, I am sure they would let BC know when things didn't feel right.


mod34b said...

Fear not Eagle In Atlanta. Fear not Brian of BCI.

Welles is one for the ages. BC will not diminish his memory. We can be certain that his parents want this too.

To borrow from BC's recent video, let us recall the words of Sen. John F. Kennedy, delivered to BC at the 1956 graduation.

Welles inspires. Indeed, he would have inspired JFK.

Let the red bandanas flow....

"Never before in our history has there been a greater need for men of integrity and courage in the public service. Never before in our history has there been a greater need for the people to take up willingly the responsibility of free government. Certainly you as educated Catholics are committed to bear your share of the burden, for the philosophy that you have been taught here at Boston College is needed in the solution of the problems we face. With the issues of war and peace, with the fate of Western civilization hanging in the balance – the somber question indeed of the survival of our Faith and country at stake, each man among you can afford in some degree, at least, to answer the call to service.

High on the wall of the House of Representatives in Washington, above the Speaker’s chair so that everyone can see, are written words we should remember. They were from a speech by a distinguished Senator from our native State of Massachusetts, Daniel Webster, “Let us develop the resources of our land, call forth its powers, build up its institutions and promote all its great interests and see whether we, in our day and generation, may not perform something worthy to be remembered.”

Welles performed something worthy. Let's celebrate it 10 more times this year.

Hoib said...

As someone who is from S.I., where dozens of the fireman who were lost on 9/11 were from, and one I knew personally, I had a sinking feeling about the Red Bandana tribute. I also lost a good BC friend and classmate that day, so for me this hole thing didn't feel right, and I don't think I can come up w/ a good way to explain it. When I saw the in game interview w/ the Crowthers my trepidations were eased. Although still pained by there monumental loss they obviously relished the idea that Welles story was being brought to the attention of so many people. So my feeling would be to have an annual Red Bandanna game at home nearest to 9/11, just like this year, but I think the Crowthers should have absolute veto power over whatever the school proposes.

we make our own movies said...

Given how close of a relationship the school has maintained with the Crowthers, I would also hope that they are ultra-tuned in and responsive to anything the family felt was not being handled properly.

As I mentioned in another post, I was a bit surprised (and disappointed?) to see the sideline apparel being sold in the bookstore. I actually had a conversation with friends on the way to the game where we said, man, I really hope they're not trying to turn a buck by selling those. And again, as I mentioned in the other post, if the profits are being donated to his charitable trust with a blessing from the Crowther family, fantastic. But if not, it does seem to cross the line into exploitation of the story and memory.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

I bought one of the red bandanna shirts at the bookstore on Saturday. I tried to use m Flynn Fund loyalty card on my purchase (I had bought several other things as well) and they said I could use the discount on everything except the red bandanna shirt. I took that to mean that a proceeds of the sale are going to the charity.

Tim said...

BC has hosted an on-campus 5K run to raise money for the Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust for some years now. This year's version will be run on October 25th. Sign up!


Unknown said...

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Shirl12350 said...
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