Monday, September 15, 2014

One dimensional and loving it

Gimmick offenses or offenses that can't run and pass don't win championships (see Georgia Tech or Mike Leach's various iterations). However, a unique offense can help a limited team win way above its talent level (like Navy seems to do). Longterm, Addazio talks of mixing Stanford's power with Urban Meyer's spread. How and when he gets there with his recruiting and scheme is unknown. But for now we are a nearly run only team and it definitely has its advantages.

Last year Addazio played to his roster and his strengths. He was not shy about giving Andre Williams the ball and sending him out there behind six offensive linemen and two tight ends. Predictably whenever BC lined up like that the other team would crowd the box to stop Andre. With a crowded box BC would see plenty of Williams' runs that resulted in no gains. However, once or twice a game Williams would break free and take off for a huge gain. While BC experimented a bit in the first two games with formations and featured runners, it is now clear we are still at our best going big and our best runner is Tyler Murphy. And Saturday night we saw the return of my favorite type of play -- the big run when the other team crowds the box. Take a look at this GIF from Bostinno. USC has nine guys close to the line and only their corners playing off. BC blocks well, two guys bite on the hand off to Hilliman, Murphy makes one guy miss and he's gone. Game over.

This is not ideal and some teams will adjust. But for now, playing a gimmick offense is BC's best way to be competitive. Addazio wants explosive plays but we only have a few explosive players. Giving them good blocking and one guy to beat will be explosive and fun to watch.


mod34b said...

Love the GIF! ESPN always has good video highlights too.

I watched the Sherm Alston TD revese run. same deal. USC stuffs 8-9 in box. mis-direction gets them going wrong way. and Sherm flies the otherway.

(Check out his Alston HIGHLIGHTs from high school)

Callinan throws the key block.

Our WRs might presently have the 'drops' but they also can block.

So, BC can respond to "stuffing the box" by 1. in-your face power (Andre style via Hilliman?) 2. Through the air (work in progess) or 3. around the end.

Hilliman, Murphy and Alston have4.4 speed. That's legit fast. Its no joke when BC backs can outrun 5* track stars from USC. Yeah!

JBQ said...

The wide receivers are "dropping" because they are overcoached. You throw it. You catch it. You run with it. If you want your receivers to be ballet dancers, then you hire Barishnekov. If you want them to be football players, then you hire Vinnie Lombardi.

Scott said...

You aren't really one dimensional in the read option, because it's inheritantly a misdirection offense that forces to defend the entire width of the field with the power run going in the opposite of the QB Read, and with the reverse or pitch option built in to the WR in motion, which freeze the corners.

My point is, Murphy is only as good as our success with power running game. If we can do both, that stretches the D.

Hoib said...

I also like this style because it leads to time of possession advantage which helps protect a weak defense.

On another thought I don't think anyone compared our big win to our win against #7 Texas at Alumni in 1976. That game is the one that reminds me most of this past w/e, of course I realize most of you were't born then!

Hoib said...

Glad to see Gallik recognized by the ACC. He had a key block on all the big plays if you watch the replays.