Thursday, September 25, 2014

BC-Colorado State preview

A few of you emailed me worried that BC and BC's fans are taking Colorado State lightly. I don't see it. Last week was a clear wake up call that BC cannot just go out and beat anyone. And that was against Maine. This is a solid, well-coached CSU team. This is a huge game for them and their conference. If BC doesn't take this game seriously, then they are in for a rude awakening Saturday.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) 
I remember how happy I was the last time we played and beat Colorado State. It had been a transition year and at times that season it looked like things might fall apart. However, Paul Peterson took over late in the campaign and BC rode a wave of momentum into the bowl game. At the time I thought maybe TOB could build something or get us to the next level. We know how that ended. Now over ten years later we are watching what Addazio can do during a transitional year. The circumstances are different, but here is Colorado State again. A win might not leave me as happy as the San Fran Bowl did years ago, but it would be another victory for Addazio in a year where many thought wins would be hard to come by.

Three Simple Keys
1. Don't give up the big play in pass defense. I don't miss Spaz's bend but don't break philosophy, but it might be what we need this weekend. CSU will throw it. The key is to keep the guys in front of you and make them go the whole length of the field.
2. Get Alston involved in the passing game. The Jet Sweep is known at this point. But we can add wrinkles -- a screen or a wheel route off the playfake. I don't care, but I think he is our best playmaker. He needs more touches.
3. Avoid the killer turnovers. No turnovers are good, but last week the INT led to Maine's early success on offense. If we make a mistake this week, just do it where it won't cost us a score or allow them to score.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 6-1 out of conference as the head coach at BC
-- McElwain is 3-9 on the road
-- McElwain is 3-2 against BCS member teams
The current line is BC-9

Both head coaches were former Offensive Coordinators in the SEC.

Scoreboard Watching
After dodging a bullet, it will be interesting to see how Florida State comes out against NC State. I am also curious to see how NC State responds to the big stage. They couldn't put away the cupcakes on their schedule. Can they hang with the 'Noles?

I hope to see...
The Tight Ends involved in the passing game. I don't think it is critical to winning, but a game against CSU is a perfect time to add a new wrinkle. When we do pass to a Tight End, he will be wide open.

BC is in trouble if...
We need to score on the final drive with only a minute or two left. I am not afraid of deficits and I think we can score fast. But if we have to drive 80 yards in a two minute drill type situation, I don't know if we can win. Our passing game and our kicking game will cost us one game this year. I don't want it to be this one.

Bottom Line
Though the atmosphere and expectations are different, I think this game will feel and play out a bit like USC. BC will establish the run and get plenty of sacks, while CSU has to pass to catch up. I think we lead throughout but never really put them away.
Final Score: BC 28, CSU 17


BCMike said...

This reminds me, you need to finish that autobiography titled "Love letters to Paul Petersen".

Danny Boy said...

I want to see the RB rotation tightened up a little bit, with Hilliman and Willis splitting the carries. They are our most proven backs.

I want to see the receivers actually catch the ball when we pass it. I'm not on the balanced attack bandwagon, but the game gets exceptionally easier without drops.

I'd also like to see our DBs communicate better and stick with their assignments. We can't afford free floating receivers down field.

mod34b said...

The CSU QB is a good passer and will throw the ball -- a lot, especially if we can stop their just-ok run game

Is our secondary up to the task? The DBs are better this year for sure. But that is not saying much. They were horrible last year.

This game will be a real test of the secondary. You mention the Spaz bend-don't-break appraoch. That is really needed here.

I think Brown is a one-trick pony - blitz like mad. But if BC could combine a bend-don't-break defense and ball control offense we could really neutralize the passing game.

But, we know what Brown will do and so i expect some big sacks and some big competions by CSU. Hope we get the better of the trade offs.

Danny Boy - agree, Catch the damn ball!

NEDofSavinHill said...

Should be a fun game Saturday. The weather is predicted to be good. BC season ticket holders have been quite fortunate the last few years. Last year we saw FSU, the eventual national champ play. The year before we saw ND who played in the BCS Title game. With Pitt, USC, Clemson and Louisville we may see four ranked teams in Chestnut Hill. 2. Interesting games on Saturday. Is Duke for real? Is NCST for real? Will Clemson handle UNC? Will USC bounce back? 3. Are the media trying to get two SEC teams in the playoffs or four? A lot of money has been poured into that conference so the hype is substantial. Maybe Vanderbilt should be in. What happens on the last weekend of the year if FSU, Louisville and Clemson defeat their SEC rivals? How will the Media spin it? 4. BC is holding up it's end of the bargain in winning games for New England. UConn and UMass are not. The Herald told us that Whipple's return would energize Amherst and return it to a winning way. Not so far. The press is reliably wrong.

Hoib said...


I don't think Daz would have played Outlow if he wasn't planning on using him more. He looked pretty good to me albeit that it was against ME. I bet the 2 Frosh will be getting the bulk of the carries by y/e. Willis isn't equipped to get the tough yards that Daz's system is based on.

Danny Boy said...

Hoib, I definitely want Outlow spelling Willis and Hilliman as needed. I guess what I'm getting at is that Rouse shouldn't be getting the carries.

Willis is averaging more YPC than any of our backs (excepting Outlow due to Maine garbage time). As well as the longest run of all the RBs.

Willis has the big play ability. He may not have the strength that Hilliman has, but he has the vision and the speed to exploit holes. We saw it last year, and we've already see glimpses of it this year. He's been 1 missed tackle away from breaking quite a few runs already.

CT said...

Last week was yet another bad week for the ACC.

Pitt, Miami, and Syracuse all lost to OOC competition. It'd be nice to get one back vs. CSU. You know, New England. The hotbed of college football.

Just wait until the playoff expands to eight a few years down the road. The SEC might get an entire division in. I guess hype is spelled c-h-a-m-p-I-o-n-s-h-i-p.

Really have no idea what to make of this game. One figures if we could get after SC's QB, then this will be no different and our secondary issues might be mitigated. But if CSU gets it out quick, that won't matter. Is there a more anonymous program than CSU?

I assume Murphy's athleticism will be our biggest advantage all year. Should help make our RBs look better.

EL MIZ said...

Alston should definitely touch the ball 12-15 times a game, whether its on punt/kick return, the jet sweep, or new wrinkles (one of outlows big runs last week was an old Florida spread play where he motioned from left to right, then murphy took the snap and went left, with alston in front and outlow behind; Outlow ultimately got the option and went for a big game but good to see Alston involved in other wrinkles). BC was the only power conference school to offer Alston, which speaks to the staff's ability to recognize and find talent.

I really hope the play of the secondary improves. Seems like the D line has been better, but the secondary still seems to blow a coverage once or twice a game. Would be nice if BC could finish off this recruiting cycle with another 2-3 committments on the Defensive side of the ball. Offensively i think this team knows who it wants to be and is doing a good job of finding players that fit. Defensively, i am not so sure.

This should be a fun game to watch, and i hope fans come out for it. Go eagles

eagleboston said...

Is this game on TV? The BC website says "RSN" Never heard of that network.

Claver2010 said...

"our kicking game will cost us one game this year. I don't want it to be this one."

*intentionally left out passing but 100% agree on kicking. It's been bad.

Eagleboston if you're in Boston it's on NESN, but more importantly on at Alumni.

BCDoubleEagle said...

"At the time [late 2003] I thought maybe TOB could build something or get us to the next level. We know how that ended."

record: 9-3
final ranking: #21

record: 9-3
final ranking: #18

record: 10-3
final ranking: #20

In the lackluster history of BC football (remember we didn't finish a season ranked or go to a single bowl game for about 40 years from 1942-1982), compiling a 28-9 record and finishing in the Top 25 three straight years constitutes "the next level."

twballgame9 said...

TOB left before the tenth win. If by next level, you mean "mediocrity, at a time when the Big East and ACC were terrible" then yes.

Joseph said...

"In the lackluster history of BC football (remember we didn't finish a season ranked or go to a single bowl game for about 40 years from 1942-1982), compiling a 28-9 record and finishing in the Top 25 three straight years constitutes "the next level.""

How many bowls were there during those years,42 to 82? Would TOB's teams have been eligible for most years? Now that we have dozens of bowls plenty of mediocre teams get to go bowling. No longer is it a sign of greatness.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Forget the bowls. We were not ranked in the AP poll for 40 years. That is dismal.

In contrast, TOB's teams finished in the AP poll in the three consecutive years that I mentioned, and also in 2001.

Another way of looking at it: the AP poll was founded in 1936. When TOB arrived at BC in 1997, BC had only been ranked 8 times in the prior 60 years (13%). TOB's teams were ranked 4 out of his 10 seasons at BC (40%).

Hoib said...


Great points. I'm w/ you all the way. I think he should get some credit for Jags first year. They were all his players.

twballgame9 said...

The problem with TOB isn't that he wasn't good. It's that he had the talent and teams to be great. And he ALWAYS choked.

Danny Boy said...

Exactly. While jags was using TOB's players, I firmly believe that TOB was never getting us to the ACC championship. Even on down years in the big east, he managed to do just enough to give away the championship that would fall in our laps.