Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meter and Christian and other links

BC posted the highlights of Meter's interview with Jim Christian. He's not especially charismatic, but I think Christian handles himself well in these sorts of things. He has a quiet confidence that reminds me of Skinner.

The Heights posted a great Q&A with Chris Herren. The Herren story is well known at this point, but when he shares the BC portion of his saga, he still tends to just note his injury and failed drugs tests. This interview goes a little deeper and gets more specific about his time at the Heights. Good job by the interviewer Connor Mellas. It is interesting how younger BC folks view Herren. His legend has grown in part due to his struggles and his recovery in the spotlight. As someone who started at BC at the same time, Herren was always a "what could have been" to me. But he flamed out and was an afterthought during the final good JOB years.

Former BC Basketball assistant Bonzie Colson decided to get back into coaching at New Bedford High School. I actually applaud Colson for not using his son Bonzie II to get a college job. He probably could have packaged himself with Bonzie II at some mid-major. Instead Bonzie II is freshman at Notre Dame while his dad is back working high school games.

BCI uncovered New Mexico State still listing BC as one of their 2015 opponents. I still have my doubts that it happens. I just think NM State would rather buy us out than give up paydates at Florida and Ole Miss.

BC leads a weird note on Ivan Maisel's "Three Point Stance." I don't think anyone is surprised by BC's struggles in the passing game, least of all Addazio. I think Daz just wants improvement.


Hoib said...

Enjoyed the Christian interview. He's got no where to go but up!

Bando '87 said...

True, but I think we all felt that way last year too.