Saturday, September 06, 2014

Can't get worse

The bad news is that we allowed a 200-yard rusher. The good news is that was the first time a Don Brown defense allowed a 200-yard rusher at the FBS level. I went through his time at UConn and Maryland hoping to derive something from his time there. But no back every put up such numbers against his squads.

Conner is a special runner, but the tackling was terrible as was some of the positioning. These issues are coachable. Let's hope the Head Dude figures it out.


EL MIZ said...

Conner was recruited as a D-End and occasionally plays defense. other offers were from bowling green, eastern michigan, toledo and youngstown state. he is listed at 6'2 250, which is basically a slightly bigger version of Mike Alstott. he could be a special player.

that said, what an absolutely putrid performance from the D. every facet needs improvement.

Thomas said...

I can't believe the dropped passes haven't been mentioned more. We have exactly 0 ACC caliber WR's. Granted, Murphy couldn't hit anyone in stride, but there were balls in receivers' hands and as soon as they got touched, the ball popped out. Flat out embarrassing.

AlbanyEagle said...

Can't get worse??

This may be the first time "a Don Brown defense allowed a 200-yard rusher at the FBS level", but something tells me it won't be the last. We can only hope/fantasize/dream that this Conner is indeed a special player, and our defense's pitiful showing against him a fluke.

So many issues. Not much there to give a lot of hope - except that this team truly does fight to the end. Didn't seem like anybody giving up.

I keep hoping that Crimmins will come through, but although he had a few catches, and some really bad throws go his way, his drops and the volleyball-style "set" that led to the INT were just bad.

Is Swigert ever coming back?

mod34b said...

Don Brown has only 6 years experience as an FBS level as a defensive coordinator. All his other experience have been at the FCS level and below. His overall record at the FBS level is not impressive

2009 Maryland 11/12 in ACC in total defense
2010 Maryland 6/12 in ACC in total defense
2011 UConn 7/8 in Big East in total defense
2012 UConn 1/8 in Big East in total defense
2013 BC 14/14 in ACC in total in total defense
2014 BC rotten at defense

His defense seems gimmicky. Far too much blitzing. Brown’s defense does not seem focused on fundamentals. We all complained about the Spaz and then McGovern's “bend don’t break” approach. Maddening to watch, yet both produced top ACC defenses (McG in 2010; Spaz in 2008).

That being said, the problem against Pitt was not solely the defensive scheme. It was mainly execution.

DLs a) could not hold the line and b) could not tackle.

The LBs and CBs also were terrible at tackling. Often they were in great position (meaning good scheme) , but failed to get the job done.

The secondary does seems a little bit better than last year. So that’s at least “something.” Maybe if Brown keeps the LBs and CBs “home” more often, the defense will improve.

Hoib said...

I don't care what the scheme is. A good team has it's best athletes on D. W/ a few exceptions we haven't had the athletes there since Herzy,Ragi,Silva,Brace days. Keuchly had so many tackles because he had nothing in front of him. Till Daz can fill the pipeline w/ quality athletes we have to rely on gimmicks. All of us on this board could use quality fundamentals against these backs but wouldn't bring them down. You have to have the physical ability which these guys don't. Years of lousy recruiting can't be made up over night.

mod34b said...

Hoib. Lousy recruiting?

Kaleb Ramsey. NFL
Al Louis Jean NFL
Steele Devitto. Close to NFL level
Kasim Edabali NFL
Kevin Pierre Louis NFL

5 NFL guys on the same defense is the stuff of SEC teams. Yet Brown, with his telegraphed propensity to over blitz, produced A stinker. Yes, with lots of talent Brown produced the worst defense in the ACC. He is on course to repeat as last in ACC again. You need to look at Brown's ability to coach and not just blame a supposed gross lack of talent.

So I beg to differ from the blame-spaz-for-bad-recruiting-and-thus- bad-play crowd. Brown has yet. To earn his Eagle Wings.

Hoib said...


Other than Steele, all superior athletes, we have none now. U just proved my point.

eagleboston said...

Hoib is right Mod. The Spaz talent on defense is leaving the coaching staff with severe weaknesses that they have to coach around. The juniors and senior were recruited when BC hit its nadir.

Also, mark it down, Pitt is going to win the Coastal. A lot of defenses will have a tough time stopping that running game. Conner is a beast and one of the toughest backs I have ever seen BC go up against, and I have been watching BC football since before many of you were born.

I agree with the comments about Murphy's throwing. He had wide open receivers all over the field and could not hit them. Again, due to Spaz's ineptness, we don't have a qb in the junior or senior class. I'm guessing Daz is putting all his eggs on Murphy because Wade and Flutie are nowhere near ready. If that is not the case, then we have serious problems with our head coach. If either freshman is ready, we need to get them in the game. They are the future and it makes sense to develop them in a year where we are unlikely to be in contention for anything. I would rather they take their lumps this year so that we don't sit here with the same frustration next year when we are better positioned for a bowl season.

Kash86 said...

I went back and watched game again.

Callinan is an ACC level receiver, as is Phillips. Border is serviceable, however Crimmins should not be relied on as a starter, he had too many drops and has not proved anything.

As inaccurate as Murphy was, the drops only magnified the issue. I'm not in panic mode yet. I think some of the disconnect between Murphy and Phillips is a result of Phillips missing camp. I think Murphy is good, but is more versatile than day has used him. Need to see some more designed rolls, move pocket and let Murphy work on run which he is good at. Didn't really get why day abandoned much of what worked vs umass (and early vs Pitt) in the read option game and why Alston was non existent.

On a side note, and I didn't see it untill I re watched game, the screen to border that was dropped/a backward pass, was set up perfectly and easily could have been taken for a TD with a good throw.

Hoib said...


I agree w/ everything you said, but I'd add although Conner is a beast, those were big holes he ran through. I hope Pitt proves to be good, because otherwise it looks to me like we really have nothing on D.
I won't give up on Murphy just yet, but he reminds me of Crane, no sense of timing. Crane had Gunnel, Murph has no one close to that. I think like w/ Crane we need a steady dose of read option. If at mid season we are under 500 I'm w/ u, let's play the kids.

mod34b said...

Hoib, if your point was that Brown is an ineffective coach, even with 5 NFL calibre players on the defense roster, then we agree.

Contrary to your doom-and-gloom perspective, There is some talent on this year's defense. Can Brown coach them to be a decent ACC defense? my guess is probably not. point in blaming Spaz. That' a loser's game..

Hoib said...


I have no opinion on Brown. When he has ACC caliber talent then I will judge him. I will agree w/ u in general that our D stinks and has so for a while. You can call that doom and gloom, I call that realistic. Enjoy the season.

mod34b said...

Hoib, Brown had better than average ACC talent last year and could hardly have done worse. so judge away.

you have no opinion on Brown??. Odd because you have opinions on everything else. :~)