Friday, September 05, 2014

That was the Pitts

This game reminded me of the Georgia Tech loss in 2009 2008 [corrected]. It was early in the season and frustrating. After that game, the team regrouped. I hope this team can do the same. Pitt won but we didn't play well. There were plenty of missed opportunities on both sides of the ball. At this point I am more concerned about the defense. Murphy does enough well that we can build an offense around him.

Addazio's tenure has been mostly high points. Now he's got to earn his money. This season could go either way. A good coach will keep the team fighting and competitive.

I will have the second viewing thoughts and grades up Sunday.


mod34b said...

The most troubling part of the game was BC's performance on the line of scrimmage -- the most basic, and fundamental part of football.

Our DL was invisible. Wow. Just beaten up by Pitt OL.

and our OL? absent Murphy's big run, the RB were averaging less than 2 yards a carry. Awful. BC's veteran OL was not pushing anybody around.

The line of scrimmage is supposed to be a strength for BC. This game it was not.

Pitt may be better than we think (and now hope). It's early. Murphy can be fine tuned. The OL can be re-tuned. Not so sure about the DL. The sky has not fallen.

stay tuned. ... (after next weekend)

eagleboston said...

This team did fight until the end. They scored 13 to Pitt's 10 in the 2nd half. We saw the difference a year makes. Pitt is in year 3 of the rebuilding project. BC is in year 2.

Hard to see how BC gets a W against USC, but we have Maine and Colorado State after that. I'm not sure we can beat Colorado State, but it is at home. So, we could be 3-2 heading into the meat of the ACC schedule. This is a young team and I think they will get better with each game.

It stinks to lose, but it's also a long season.

CT said...

It is young, save for the five grad students on the Oline and the former fourth-string QB at Fla.

Murphy is pretty bad when he has to, well, you know, throw. Except for running, which he does well because he's a good athlete. But which every SEC fan could have told you (us). Those first half misses to wide open guys were really unforgivable. Big plays missed.

The tackling was atrocious.

Agree that this is where Daz earns his salary. Lots to improve. Lots.

Predictions for the rest of the season are silly. But this team, and specifically this OC, who I think struggled in taking advantage of what Murphy does well, need drastic improvement. Quickly. For future's sake.

WI_Eagle said...

Two big momentum swings that cost us -- Daniels' INT followed by a TD would have made it 14-3 -- instead 3 straight incompletions and a missed FG. Then 1st down on the Pitt 27 with about 2 mins to play in first half -- could take the lead going into half -- instead loss, penalty, punt, and Pitt scores. BC did not play well but could have been different outcome if either of those sequences went differently -- frustrating.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Georgia Tech loss was '08

Eagle 1 said...

Terrible. Gonna be a LONG year. Stock up on hard booze.

OFFENSE: One-trick pony, i.e., the option run. A bunch of 5th-year seniors on the line cannot pass block, the QB can't hit a target, and the receivers can't catch. Also, the sideline commentary about the QB being a timid and reluctant leader is a red flag.

DEFENSE: No pass rush, can't stop the run, so-so DBs.

Drink up, Eagles!

ATL_eagle said...

Double. I realized it was 2008 when I read it this morning. Thanks for the heads up though. Either way I am hoping for a similar recovery.

Hoib said...

I'm used to us being a step slow, but physically overmatched is different. Could be a long season unless Pitt is a powerhouse in the making. Now we get to see how Daz responds to adversity, 2 out of the last 3 games were ass whippings. Ultimately the answer is recruiting.

blist said...

That Pitt RB looks pretty special. Murphy looked more like a talented freshman than an experience QB. We had some high points though, some reason to have hope (well, after USC)

ccw said...

We're not going to win more than 6 games with Murphy b/c he's a terrible pocket passer. He can't execute basic throws.

So, this "we'll bounce back and it's a long season" stuff really ignores the reality on the field.

EL MIZ said...

what a dismal performance. lack of execution, inability to tackle, inability to hit wide open receivers or even come close to getting the ball to them.

for the first time maybe ever, it seems like one of the few strengths on Offense is our speed. why did Alston only get one touch? he makes things happen, get him the ball. why is Murphy passing so much? he should be running even more.

the D-line just got bullied yesterday. it is looking like two straight seasons of a completely inept defense. when will the #firedonbrown hashtag start? maybe when USC hangs 50 on us?

game really turned after the inability to put points up following the Daniels interception. Pitt never looked back after the missed FG.

JBQ said...

I wish to emphasize the "side line comment" that "Eagle 1" mentioned. Also at the very end of the third quarter, it was noted that BC had been setting up a screen to the left all night. Murphy ran to the right and then turned to throw a bounce pass which was a lateral to a perfectly positioned receiver. Tape showed the perfect set up. Murphy blew it up. He couldn't even turn around and throw a 5 yard pass. His mechanics are terrible. Indeed, he is a one trick pony.

EL MIZ said...

if Murphy continues to be ineffective, i would hope Darius Wade gets the call sooner rather than later. there is no sense to keep trotting a 5th year senior with no real tie to the program if he can't get it done and the future of the program isn't going to redshirt and has been getting the reps.

lots of things to fix.

dixieagle said...

I simply don't see how the glaring ineptitudes that we saw last night can be fixed enough to turn us around this season.

If Murphy can't throw by now, he's not going to suddenly improve. Tackling was atrocious, our running backs couldn't get anywhere. There seems to have been a real regression; some of that is lack of talent, some of it coaching. None of it is acceptable. I'm suddenly grateful that I'll be at the home of an SEC fan during game time next week. Sad.

Hoib said...


You're right about that Pitt back, he could have been called Andre jr. So much for those who said Andre put up his #s because of the system. The lack of run production wasn't all on the line. Allot of those 2 yard gains would have been 5 for Andre. Yards after contact w/ this bunch zero. A few weeks of this and we should play Wade and the freshman back.


IT's 6 years of horrendous D. We haven't been good on that side of the ball since Spaz was DC, where he belonged.

Hario said...

As said before the D hasnt been good in a while. Part is talent but really we just couldnt tackle and Dline got bullied.

Offense already had concern over WR depth/talent but what is most disturbing is that murphy just is not a great thrower. I cant imagine that changes now for him

Lenny Sienko said...


Re: Murphy

The "lateral" pass was a result of Murphy having been buried on the preceding play. He was very slow getting up and was obviously dazed. To call a play you had been saving for a special situation, when you know your QB just got his bell rung shows a lack of awareness on the OC's part.

Murphy shows the inconsistency of somebody who, despite being a 5th year grad student, does not have a great deal of game experience throwing. He has to work on his touch. His early passes were almost all high and far, a common sign of nervousness and being over amped. He had great touch on the long TD; but that touch eluded him most of the night.

EL MIZ said...

Lenny - i had the same thought re: nerves and all of his throws sailing. this guy is a 5th year senior who started games in the SEC. what's he nervous about? troubling.

if he can't hit his targets in the USC game, Wade should be starting against Maine.