Saturday, November 22, 2014

Addazio has the right attitude

It is still too early to tell if Addazio is the guy to break us through our glass ceiling, but at least he gets it. I don't like other people to speak for me, but this time the coach said it perfectly.


JBQ said...

Now, there is controversy about the game. I just thought that we got whupped "fair and square". Sports Center with ESPN showed an incident from the end of the Third Quarter. A referee was standing in front of the Florida State center to keep the ball from being snapped because of a substitution equalization allowed to BC. Winston came up to the line and put his hand on the referee. The referee didn't move so Winston shoved him out of the way and got under center to take the snap. The expert with ESPN, Cutaeia, said that this warrented a 15 yard penalty and an ejection. After the referee was shoved he stumbled backwards and then backed up to his set position. He did not throw a flag. Once it was shown on ESPN, there definitely should have been at least a penalty flag thrown. This is just one more case of the arrogance of Jameis and the fear by the establishment to take him to task.

mod34b said...

fun game. sucky loss. love Dazz's speech. you tell 'em Dazz. i too hate moral victories.

Ryan Day called a great game, including the pass murphy dropped and Bordner did not throw correctly. he calls plays. he does not execute plays.

one lesson from today: FSU is not that good. The FSU defense is pretty bad for an 'elite' team. Next two games for FSU are against solid running teams. I think they will lose one of those games

Our defense was surprisingly good, mainly. Good job Brownie. What a pleasant surprise.

Our defense held FSU to its lowest point total this year. (although we could not stop them at end...)

Jameis bumping ref.... it was not intentionally bad conduct. kid was just enthusiastic. intent matters. good non-call. Jameis is growing on me.... he was pretty good in his post-game news conference.

If we hit that FG, i kinda think FSU would have scored a TD any way. And if they just score a FG, OT would have been rough.

ND lost! most excellent
Miami lost! yay!
Dook lost, double-yay!
Syracuse lost! half-a-yay
Rutgers lost! triple-yay
CSU won, YAY
Wake won, yay!

EL MIZ said...

that may be the best mod34B post of all time. completely agree with all of the thoughts. fun game to watch and tough loss to stomach. LOVE our freshmen horses on offense - Hilliman, Sherm, Outlow all know how to run and excel in different facets. think this will be a really fun offense moving forward, as you can see the evolution of plays and the complexity of the offense growing. Willis is solid as well. i am sure one of the 4 QBs next year will emerge, and hopefully another playmaker or two as well (i think Richard Wilson is redshirting and we have a few good backs committed for next year). the defense has really solidified as a unit; no one guy stands out to me but they play hard, they don't give up, and they are tackling a lot better. a few times when we got jameis in our grips we brought him down. winston really reminds me of roethlisberger; big, strong arm, smart, hard to sack, very effective runner but only runs when he really has to. Noles now have 6 4th quarter comebacks this season; when the moment is the biggest Winston shines. if he wasn't such a doofus off the field he would be the clear cut #1 draft pick, no doubt about it.

man i hope we beat Syracuse next week. have to get them back for last year's loss in the Carrier Dome, and that is a game we have no business losing. would end the annoying weird home losses this year - Pitt, CSU and Clemson were all weird efforts from our team. also want to send this group of seniors out on a high note - they really went through dark years with Spaz and deserve to get one more W on the Heights.

BC makes one or two more plays in the CSU game, Clemson game, and FSU game and we are 9-2 and right in the thick of it.

to quote the great dennis green, WE LET EM OFF THE HOOK!

Hoib said...

I absolutely think Daz is the guy.


As usual I agree w/ everything you said, even the part about Mod. Do u think that's really him or her for that matter?

blist said...

Well, JBQ, you think the officials don't know the much more desirable outcome for the league of this game ws FSU winning? That flag was always going to stay in his pocket.

Alex L. said...

I agree with mod34b completely. Criticizing Ryan Day for the trickery pass to Murphy is monday morning QBing. I loved it. Would have loved it even more if we won, but that’s how the game goes. That pass play to Murphy reminded me of the Jags/Logan days. Overall, it was a fun game to watch despite the outcome.

Other thoughts:
1) Where was this team when BC played L’ville?!
2) I thought the refs called a fair game throughout.
2a) The exchange between Winston and the official was weird.
3) Maybe it’s my TV, but I couldn’t hear the announcers very well due to the crowd noise/band.
4) FSU’s receivers dropped alot of passes, which sounds familiar.
5) Anyone notice the weird snap exchange between Gallick and Murphy? Murphy would swoop his arms (like an Eagle!) and then Gallick would point to the nose-tackle and then snap the ball. Must be trying to confuse the defense and draw them offsides, which I think worked at least a few times.

AlbanyEagle said...

Wow. Couldn't see YouTube link in ATL's original post on my iPad, but worth looking up. Daz is the man. Hope he doesn't start getting happy feet if/when Florida and Michigan come calling.

PutYourChuckieDukesUp said...

I didn't really have any problem with the trick play call. The play was there, it just took a half second too long to develop and Bordner lofted the throw a bit too much. Anyone else think they may actually think they may have been setting up all game for that? It seemed like Murphy was checking down at the line of scrimmage a lot during the game and it makes me wonder if some of that was just show to help sell the trick play later in the game.

I also don't really understand the comments that even if the play worked, it was the wrong call because it would have left too much time on the clock for FSU. That is kind of nonsense: you have to take the points if they are there. By that logic, it would have been a mistake for Outlow to keep running to the end zone if he got by the safety (who made a great open field tackle) a few plays earlier.

I also agree that a field goal was probably not enough there anyway, which is why I was hoping they would have just gone for it on 4th down.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Very entertaining game. Well coached and well played. Bordner's pass was similar to the flea flicker against Clemson. Both times the receivers were wide open but the pass was a little late. Did FSU anticipate a Bordner throw and target him? Was impressed with Knoll. He made a FG and his extra points were down the middle. Howell has done a superior job of punting and kicking off. He has a strong leg but is inconsistent on his FGs. Running the offense BC does and the large number of close games yearly a reliable kicking game is required. ND lost their last two games because of erratic kicking. 2.Against USC, Clemson,VT and FSU BC is 2-2 this year. Last year they were 1-3. They could have been 4-0 in 2014. If you can play those teams evenly you can play with anyone. 3. After the title game last year Timmy Jernigan said BC had the best o-line they faced. The media wanted to downplay that assessment. The only commentary the media will have about the game is how FSU struggled. BC's performance will be ignored. Was BC's o-line this year the best FSU saw? BC was 4-1 on the road with a three point loss. Not bad. 4. Over the last decade BC has averaged about 7.5 wins per year. Syracuse has averaged less than four. According to Dickie V their b-ball team is weak. What did the Orange or Pitt bring to the ACC? Not much. It was a forced marriage by EsecPN.5. Miss ST. was touted earlier in the season for defeating three top ten teams ( LSU, A&M and Auburn). Those three may end up with at least four losses indicating that none of them are even top 20 let alone top 10. Combine that with four very weak non conference wins. At the close of the season they may have played one top 15 team BAMA and lost. Where is the beef? Why the accolades?

eddierock said...

Awesome comments by Daz. Worth tracking down. BTW: agree that criticism of Day is misplaced. If that play worked, he is a hero. I guess that is why Bordner is a former QB.

Overall, a great effort

@timstwrt said...

Didn't love the trick play, but despite that call I thought this was the best game Ryan Day's had. It takes some inventive playcalling to run all the time and still keep the defense off balance, and FSU was on their heels the whole fourth quarter.

Addazio still doesn't strike me as an incredible tactician....the punt at the end of the first half was too conservative, and there's no good reason to attempt that field goal on the last drive when we all knew he was going to miss. That said, he seems to be continually getting better at in-game decisions, so there's lots of reason for optimism. And obviously, he's top-notch on all the intangible stuff. This was a bummer, but I think he's right that we're not far away from these close losses turning into close wins,

Joseph said...

"that may be the best mod34B post of all time. completely agree with all of the thoughts. fun game to watch and tough loss to stomach."

I too agree. Some of the real dopes like Thomas, on another thread, make we want to scream. How dare he demand perfection. His attitude is an insult to the entire BC athletic program.

eagleboston said...

Daz is the right guy. To get that much improvement out of his team from the L'ville game to the FSU contest is extremely impressive. I thought they would get blown out and so did Vegas. We were wrong and that shows how far this program has come in 2 years.

On paper, it looks like next year will be rough with a new O-line and a new quarterback. But, it seems this coaching staff is superb at player development and we may actually be a better team next year. I know this staff will break through to 8-9 wins. I'm just not sure how long it is going to take.

eagleboston said...

I was also wrong about the refs. I thought they would protect Florida State but I thought it was a very fair game called by the zebras.

Bravesbill said...

Now thst I've cooled off, is agree with tim about Day. Bad decision on the trick play esp. in that situation (would have been much better on first down) but Day did have one of his best games in memory.

Hoib said...


I don't recall the wrinkle on Bordner throwing to Murph having been tried all year. The staff saved it for the biggest moment of the biggest game all year. I bet when they called it they thought Murph would be wide open. It had been well set up by all the sweeps to that point. It just missed.

You have to give the FSU DC credit, his guys didn't bite and stayed home on Murph. That shows they respected us and prepared accordingly. There's a reason they are the defending champs.


Murph has a little work to do before he makes the move to wideout in the NFL!

mod34b said...

Heather Dinich.. barf.. ESPN's designated person to cover NCAAF playoffs. Really? ESPN

Just saw her as a TV commenter on some ESPN bowl show. Poor Butch Davis -- he has to pretend to take dumb-dumb HD seriously.

Lenny Sienko said...

Alex L:

The"arm swoop" flapping arms like an Eagle is the silent snap signal for use when the opposition crowd noise is too loud for the quarterback to be heard.