Friday, November 21, 2014

Moral victory Holiday Tournament

The Puerto Rico Tip-off isn't some historic basketball event. It's a made for TV event like most of the others. However, I feel pretty good about how BC came out of this one. Thursday we won. Friday we lost to West Virginia, but lost in a close game and showed that we can hang with a pressing team. The refs botched this game for both teams, so the flow was off, nearly everyone got in foul trouble and it really made for ugly stretches. BC had its chances late, but turnovers and missed FTs were too much to overcome. I remain encouraged. Or at least more encouraged than I was after UMass. This team has more fight than they showed last week. Once healthy, I think we will be pretty versatile. Here are some other thoughts:

-- We actually played help D! Who knew it was possible? When WVU was in half court sets before the foul trouble, we actually controlled and limited shots.
-- Magarity is the key to breaking the press. He made some decent passes and seems to have a good understanding of where to go with it.
-- I worry about Hanlan's minutes...but he was strong at the end. Dudley used to play nearly 40 minutes a game. So did Troy Bell. I trust Olivier and Christian to figure out what works for them.


Unknown said...

We should never have hired Christian.

blist said...

Insightful, Unknown.

ccw said...

Magarity was horrible. Turnovers, bad fouls, you name it and it was awful.

I blame Christian for putting him a role to help break the press. But Magarity botched his part repeatedly.

Don't know what ATL was seeing, but Magarity was brutal.

mod10aeagle said...

Christian needs a perimeter shooter the way Addazio needs a placekicker.

FakeShalomTfree said...

So 4 games into the season, everyone thinks they're Coach K and is starting the Christian blame game. This team has little depth and never learned how to win or close out a game under The Don and his division III staff. Not saying Christian is the answer but give this team some time.

Big Jack Krack said...

I must say that over the years the most frustrating aspect is the missed free throw.

I can't stand it.

Hoib said...

Enjoyed the WVA game. Time in the weight room shows, we went toe to toe w/ an always tough team. Heckman looks so much better in this offense as opposed to the Whistlers stupid weave. Letting the players think for themselves has made a big difference. Somehow they have to find a way to get O some rest. After back to back games and dealing w/ the tough Mountaineer press he was spent.

Still give up too many second and third chances though. How badly hurt is Jackson? Could have used him against the 2 3 zone. O and Brown should be able to find Odio on the weak side more, when they take it in.

Good to see us look like young men against a strong team. Unlike last year when we looked like timid boys. Liked Cliff getting a little chippy. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Was it ever confirmed that Alex Amidon went into the military?