Friday, November 21, 2014

Tweets of the Week


SeattleEagle93 said...

Great article on Murphy. Can't wait for him to torch FSU

eagleboston said...

I must have watched a completely different Louisville game than the rest of you, and I was in the stadium. This is a very, very mediocre BC football team. They are not going to Tallahassee and beating the Seminoles.

1) Our kicking game is atrocious. The worst I have seen in watching BC football for 30 years.

2) We are too one dimensional. FSU will copy the L'ville game plan. Put 10 guys in the box and dare Murphy to throw. We will fail to convert 3rd downs and our defense will wear down and Winston will have a ball.

3) No calls will go our way. The ACC refs already hate that we are Yankees and they know full well that the ACC is out of the national picture if FSU loses. Every close call will go the Seminoles' way. You watch.

4) Even if I am wrong and we somehow find our way with a shot in the 4th, we don't have the horses to execute a 2 minute offense. And if history is a precedence, we will go into that last drive with only 2 timeouts. You need all of your timeouts when you are a running team with zero passing threat.

Now, the one thing that can prove me wrong is that BC can go into this game very loose (although that was the same scenario with L'ville) while FSU will be tight with immense pressure (although neither seems to bother them that much). It's possible we could get them on their heels. But, I highly doubt it. My prediction: FSU 34 - BC 13

AlbanyEagle said...

Well, EB, if you never expect to win you're never completely disappointed. In that way pessimism can kind of be a defense mechanism.

You may well be right. Or it could be even worse than you predict.

But even if the agony of defeat is worse if you believed you could have won, the ecstasy of victory is that much better when you actually do!

Let's go Eagles!
Take it to the Seminoles and shock the world!

Hoib said...
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eagleboston said...


I think it is a defense mechanism. I have been watching BC football since '83 and I have had my hopes dashed so many times (except for Flutie's senior year in '84 - best team in modern school history). Bottom line is I am too emotionally involved in a football team, which I realize is utterly stupid. Now, I don't get overly hyped about BC's chances and when they lose, I don't get so bummed out (you should have seen me in '93 when we lost to WVU after having beaten ND the week before or Matt Ryan's freshman year when we lost to Syracuse). I would not call it pessimism. Instead, I would refer to it as realism. I am in line with the spread. Nonetheless, I am a real fan who will watch every minute of every game, even blowouts.

Hoib said...
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