Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Non-BC fans tell BC fans to relax about Hockey

BC fans know that the Hockey season kicks into high gear after around the Beanpot. Win there and it leads into the Hockey East tourney and then the NCAAs. The early part of the season should be about finding out what works. However, this year is off to a really rough start. I don't know enough about college hockey to say what's wrong. These guys from SB Nation's Hockey blog think it is a depth issue. They also think that BC can and should still compete for championships. Now it is just about being patient. In Jerry we trust.


mod34b said...

Relax? This is not a relaxing conclusion

"The depth and youth of this team will most likely prevent the Eagles from winning any championships this season or even making the Frozen Four in the home city of Boston, but there's way too much talent and good coaching for Eagle fans to be too down on this team or pressing the panic button yet."

Press the button!

CT said...

BCI seems to think next season will be the big one.

Thoughts on JC's early signees?

blist said...

Until the past say, three years, York's teams had a real predictible pattern of being really inconsistent, before Christmas and they'd come storming out of the gate in the new year. I think it is a lot about finding what works, I don't think it's BC going more toward big skaters, How could we be Frozen Four quality last year and tumble to NY Islanders-under-Mike-Milbury bad now? Sure UConn was a shocker, but it came poorly scheduled after a western swing (where we played well, btw). Harvard was never going to look like crap forever and BU has, apparently, Jesus incarnate in Eichel. Give the team some time.

BC'78 said...

BC's problem of for three years is lack of offense from any sector other than the big line. The senior class is not good. Granted, Johnny Gaudreau was part of that class and even he was not recruited but fell into BC's hands after Cronin was canned at Northeastern. The senior class of forwards, Sit, Straight,Spiro, Smith, and Linell have a total of 115 career points. That's 7.6 points per player per year. What production! Arnold and Hayes had 118 points between themselves last year. The senior forwards for the most part are non-factors offensively. Fitzgerald is the only high level skill player at forward with Gilmour and Tuch at the next level. Perhaps we have been spoiled and are used to the small, speedy, skilled forwards of the past but this team is not going to compete until they recruit like BU did this year. Like it or not, BU's coaching staff took over a program in shambles with 3-5 players of less than D-1 level talent. They did something about it and brought in 10 freshman, including bell cow Jack Eichel. BC's young defense is probably the most talented in the country but offensively, BC is fair at best. Time for the coaches to get back out to recruit the four big showcase events each year where they were conspicuosuly absent last year.