Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winston hearing moved and other links

While I hoped that FSU would be No. 1 going into the BC game, I wasn't going to shed any tears about Jameis Winston's issues impacting the game. Originally he had a disciplinary hearing that week. Now the hearing has been moved. Barring injury or some other issue, Winston will play against BC.

Incoming BC lineman Wyatt Knopfke made first-team all Sunshine State Athletic Conference.

Get your Longest Yard references ready. Burt Reynolds will plant the spear for Florida State prior to our game with the Seminoles.

Matt Milon received a lot of attention for signing with BC during the Early Signing Period. Christian's other commitments also signed


CT said...

Seems like a solid class for bball. I know JC missed on really good, but this seemed like a good rebound. So to speak.

JBQ said...

After watching FSU toy with Miami, BC will really have their hands full. Winston may be trouble off the field but he is solid on it. His offensive line gives him all the time in the world. Greene didn't do much tonight. It was Cook and his afterburners. The evil tight end also was there for key receptions. I guess that the only positive is to look at Winston not being there next year when they come back to BC.