Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bates says a lot of nothing and other links

Brad Bates gave very similar quotes to his hometown paper and to the Globe to say that he's happy at BC. We've read a million job denials in college sports only to see the denier take a new job days later. Is this different? I don't know. The fact that he felt the need to speak to two regional outlets makes me think that nothing is imminent. There is no pressure on any AD to comment on a job. He's not out recruiting or trying to hire a coach. Maybe he's getting ahead of the story knowing that Michigan is going in a different direction. I don't think any BC will truly know if Bates is staying until there is a new AD in Ann Arbor.

Hockey's struggles continued as they lost to Harvard 6-3 Tuesday night.

Syracuse.com produced a fair preview on the Basketball team. I am a little more optimistic about our upside than they are.

ESPN put out a feature on Murphy. I feel like they had it ready prior to his rough game Saturday since it doesn't really get into that slight setback. But it is nice to learn about more about our QB. Let's hope he ends the season on high note.

Goaltender Brian Billett left the Hockey team for undisclosed reasons. Alex Joyce joined the team in his place.


PJeagle said...

Hoping that BB's comments are true and that he stays at BC for many years. He is really a talented and dedicated guy with an appropriate vision that is completely in line with BC's place in the collegiate sports arena. I think he's done a tremendous job already and has laid the groundwork for a great deal of future success. Anybody who is close to BC sports should be rooting for b to remain an Eagle for many years to come.

Thomas said...

^^^ Brad's personal PR director?

mod34b said...

What the Puck???

"Eagles dropped their fourth straight game for the first time since the 2003-04 season, more than a decade ago"

is York fading?

BarraCuda said...

From the Globe article on Bates:

Asked if he had been contacted by Michigan, Bates replied, “It doesn’t serve any purpose to comment about another institution and their [hiring] process. I don’t want to be a distraction to anyone at Boston College.’’

Well, if he truly doesn't want to be a distraction and he was not contacted by Michigan, he would say so. Therefore, clearly he was contacted by Michigan. And if he doesn't want to be a distraction and would have no interest in the Michigan job, he would say so. Therefore, he either has interest in the Michigan job, or is planning to use their interest to negotiate a better deal here.

I don't begrudge him any of this, but let's call a spade a spade. He was contacted by Michigan, and would probably take the Michigan job if it were offered to him.

BarraCuda said...

As for Coach York, I too am wondering whether this is the end. I know that BC hockey teams have struggled early in previous seasons before righting the ship and achieving great things, but this seems especially bad right now. He seems tired to me. I hope everything is OK with him.

mod34b said...


I see the Bates/Michigan a win-win situation.

If Bates stays, good for BC.

If Bates goes (and he will if offered, as would any UM alum), then we have a good friend at Michigan and maybe we can get them on the schedule. We'll find another AD.

mod34b said...


i don't agree with this:

Bates might be "planning to use their interest to negotiate a better deal here."

no way. We can't compete with UM. Either he goes or he stays.

he does not strike me a nasty "leverage" kinda guy.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

The 2008 National Championship hockey team went 3-4-5 in their first 12 games.

You can now step back from the ledge.

Bravesbill said...

BC also did start its third string goaltender against Harvard who had never made a start. It was also forced to pull some dude from the student body to fill the backup role. Apparently everyone is either injured or sick. Not a pretty start but it should get better (hopefully).

Hoib said...

Bates whether an alum or not would go to Michigan if offered. You don't get to where he is w/o being ambitious. What he says in the press is meaningless, it's all semantics. This will all come down to Harbaugh, and if he would seriously entertain an offer from Michigan. He can't be public about it till his season ends. Will Michigan want to wait that long? If so they won't be hiring any AD w/o Jim's approval.

EL MIZ said...

given the recent hires, not sure how important it is/would be if Bates stuck around. what does he really do on a day to day basis that impacts us as fans? haven't really noticed much game-day improvement at football tailgates, basketball atmosphere, etc.

if we do lose him, hope we'd bring aboard an AD with BC ties.