Monday, November 10, 2014

Root for FSU this weekend

ESPN/ABC put two games in their six-day scheduling holds, which means we won't know the start time of BC-Florida State until Sunday. Since we are not playing this weekend, the decision on start times really comes down to who wins the Miami-Florida State game this weekend. If Florida State wins then BC will likely take on the Seminoles in a prime time slot. A bad FSU loss would probably move the game to a ABC earlier on Saturday. I don't really care about when we play. I think it is important for Florida State to win this weekend because of what it means for BC and the ACC.

The College Football Playoffs haven't even started and are already generating controversy. Who's in and who's out is a big deal. For reasons ranging to TV money and recruiting, the ACC needs to have a representative. If Florida State wins out they are a lock to make the mini-tournament. If they lose, the ACC might be shut out of the first playoff.

But I am also not suggesting BC lie down for the betterment of the conference. I want Florida State to be No. 1 and undefeated when we play them. If any team is going to play spoiler, let it be us. Ending their winning streak and ruining their season would bring major attention to BC and to what Addazio is doing. While the ACC would take a hit, BC's recruiting and fan support would improve.

Even if Miami upsets FSU, the game could still be in prime time. That would be fine, but the whole thing would feel a bit like a let down. So go 'Noles. I want to beat the best at their best!


CT said...

Yep. If FSU loses even once, the conference will be shut out. Having said hoping we get them undefeated.

Double Greene.

JBQ said...

I echo the comment about "Greene". If BC plays zone like they did for Parker of Louisville, then the score will be by 50 and going away. Greene is even better than Parker. Matt Millen as commentator told what the Raiders would do. You put someone "head up" on Greene. You push and shove and grab until they throw a flag and then you do it again. I have to presume that the 50 yd pass last year just before halftime went to Greene. You have to know the rules. A 15 yd P.I. penalty is a lot better than a 65 yd touchdown. You can't play a zone and have Greene running free through God's green earth like a deer in Yellowstone. Also, you have the "jolly Greene giant" clearing out and Calhoun then swings out of the backfield. He has "jets" and BC can't handle him with Daniels.

Big Jack Krack said...

JBQ - the strategy reminds me of the old Big East Basketball, when they had 6 fouls.

You never allowed the opposing star big men to score without paying a price.

They used to have second string centers with the sole purpose of hammering the opposing star.

That's what we have to do at FSU. Tale Matt Millen's advice for sure.

eagleboston said...

After watching the L'ville game live, I can assure you, BC will not play spoiler against FSU. If it is a prime time game, we need to hope we don't get completely embarrassed. The great teams know how to scheme BC. Just put 10 guys in the box and watch as the Eagles slam into a brick wall time and time again.