Monday, March 09, 2015

Can BC make a run in the ACC Tourney?

Let's get the obvious out of the way: 12 seeds don't win Conference Tournaments. There is too much to overcome and they usually are ranked 12th for a reason. BC's not going to win the ACC Tournament, but...I still believe we can create some problems for the unlucky teams we face.

Winning the first game is key and BC is actually favored against Georgia Tech. We beat the Jackets in a close game earlier this year, so there is no reason to think we won't this time. We've improved and they've gotten worse. They will also be without Marcus Georges-Hunt and Chris Bolden. Their coach Brian Gregory is clearly on the Hot Seat. I don't expect them to come out fired up. I think BC controls from the tip.

After that we would take on North Carolina. Even with their recent struggles, the Tar Heels would be favored in the game. But I think BC could pull off an upset. The teams have similar issues (interior) so it could come down to our guards vs theirs. If Hanlan gets hot and the other guys play halfway could happen.

The winner of UNC-BC would play Louisville. This is where the double-byes start to impact the tournament. Playing a fresh team would be a major disadvantage. However, the Cards are without Chris Jones, who had 28 in our first game. Is that enough to swing things?

BC has nothing to lose. There is no NIT bid on the line and certainly no NCAA Tournament spot. This is really about playing well, showing pride and building something long-term. We can do it. Who's with me?


CT said...

They say optimists live longer.

So there's that.

Hoib said...

Playing games on consecutive days w/ the number of minutes our key guys, particularly O play, is asking too much. Also when we played UNC earlier in the year they shot a very high percentage in the paint against us. We just don't have the athletes to check their bigs. Sorry, but I think the ball ends for Cinderella in game 2.

JBQ said...

I think that you have to put away the genie bottle. Hanlan will run away to the NBA. Hans Christian has done well. He needs to build a solid program one day at a time just like Coach Daz. Recent publicity from Jared Dudley has been very helpful in sending a message of inclusion and welcomeness on campus.

CT said...

No sense of humor in this group.

Hoib said...

Congrats to Bill Coen for leading NU to the big dance.

Sarum80 said...

CT - If that is true about optimists, than Mod34b will be lucky to see age 35!