Monday, March 09, 2015

TOB: the power broker?

Multiple reports are saying the College Football Playoff committee reached out to Tom O'Brien about joining the committee. The potential opening is still a few seasons off, so it will give TOB plenty of time to plan. I don't like the idea of BC's fate in the hands of a committee, but it would not be a bad thing to have TOB around. He understands BC's challenges better than most. Even if he had to recuse himself during any BC talk, his casual influence would help.

Now let's get the TOB day at Alumni going to so we can start buttering up the committee just in time for our championship run.


Hoib said...

Nice to see TOB recognized for his efforts over the years. It is also yet another reminder of GDF's ineptitude.

Erik said...

Not just for his BC connection. NCSU and UVA are other mid-tier ACC schools, so he understands general ACC schools not named FSU and can make an argument for them.

JBQ said...