Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Addazio at the ACC Media Days

The coach hit on all his talking points in his ACC Media interviews. He mentioned 60 of the scholarship players being freshmen and sophomores. He talked about Wade. He mentioned Ireland and Fenway. He joked about the Offensive Line. But I am not concerned about the talk. We will hear all these stories for the next few months. My positive takeaway is Addazio's confidence.

Watch the video above. This is a guy who likes his team and thinks he can win. That sort of confidence will help the young team and help his staff come together.

I don't think confidence is the only key to winning. If it was Addazio's second season at Temple would have been better. But I do think that he's on the right path.


EagleOutDere said...

At his press conference, he was absolutely off the charts in terms of energy.

JBQ said...

There has never been any question about the confidence level of Addazio. The question continues to be one of expertise. This will be a rough year with the lack of experience. It will quickly be seen if Brown and Fitch as well as the new special teams coach can match this energy with success.

mod10aeagle said...

Am I the only one who's had enough of the "Be a Dude" thing? Has anyone ever interpreted it to mean "be the best at what you do" before? Did the US Army consider that before they settled on "Be the Best You Can Be"? The most famous Dude in history is the one from The Big Labowski. What was he the best at? When I hear someone say "Dude!" it's followed by "you suck" at least as often as by "that was awesome". Dictionary definitions don't help. I like this one from the Urban Dictionary in particular: "A word that Americans use to address each other. Particularly stoners, surfers and skaters." Yeah, pretty much the opposite of "ever to excel".

I'm all in on Addazio and the Eagles, but "Be a Dude" just isn't working for me.

mod34b said...

defintion 3a is the meaning for Dude in BCNation


1. Informal An Easterner or city person who vacations on a ranch in the West.
2. Informal A man who is very fancy or sharp in dress and demeanor.
3. Slang
a. A man; a fellow.
b. A person of either sex.
tr.v. dud·ed, dud·ing, dudes
To dress elaborately or flamboyantly: got all duded up for the show.
Used to express approval, satisfaction, or congratulations.

I think its a good phrase for 18-23 year old football players. Cathcy. Short. Virile. And its seems to be building that all-important team concept for our Eagles.

but what does concern me is Daz's excuse making. He is already whining about having a young team etc. Makes me think Daz ain't a dude.

Hoib said...

Enthusiastic, positive ,straight shooter. What more could you ask for. I'm excited for the season.

CT said...

Sound a lot like JBQ...pretty much all the time Mod. Congrats. Heady stuff.

Out with the old, in with the new. That's called program building. Moreover, redshirt freshman QBs rarely "ever to excel" in much of anything, football included. I think this is less managing expectations and more a matter of the cold, hard truth. Rebuilds take a recruiting cycle, sometimes longer (Cutcliffe at Duke).

I didn't sense a whine when he said he has 60 freshman or sophomores on the team. His kids. That's just a fact. Even at football factories, 19 year old kids rarely outperform expectations against 22 and 23 year olds.

Bravesbill said...

"Be all that you can be," which is infinitely better than the horrific "Army of One" and the current "Army Strong" (whatever that means).

Knucklehead said...

It is not a complaint for Addazio to state the obvious. The team is young.

You must be the worst employee, son, nephew . . . younger brother on the face of the earth. All you do is complain about coaches(authority issues or Daddy issues?). Old hat.

You are valueless on here as far as I am concerned. A complete "0."

mod10aeagle said...

According to "definition 3A", BC wants its football players to men. More accurately, they should aspire to be men. Pretty much makes my point. "Be a Dude" is a dud.

Knuck: unless you're his little brother, I think your response to Mod34b is over the top.

CT said...

Who cares. Just win. Or build to it.

mod34b said...

mod10. tx and "like"

knucklehead, stick to football comments

CT said...

It's kinda funny. There are more comments on here about uniforms and marketing slogans.