Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It seems like opposing coaches like Addazio

Sometimes I miss the old days. Like when anonymous conference coaches would give Athlon catty quotes about BC. Now, even as they are nameless, the coaches have good things to say about BC. This is what Athlon quoted this year:

"The staff there has done a real good job, and they've gotten better every year, so I imagine they'll continue to get better." -- An opposing ACC assistant coach.

Instead of biting, that is pretty complimentary. But it is not condescending like some powers can be when discussing BC: "they are a nice little program..."

It is the sort of thing that makes me think Addazio earned the respect of his fellow coaches. He's done a lot so far and based on this article on Pat Narduzzi, it seems like he's willing to provide good advice to other new coaches.

While I miss trying to figure out which coaches trashed BC in Athlon, I am glad we are well liked and have a coach that others like and respect.

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