Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Addazio doesn't like 7 on 7s

As football becomes a year round sport, 7 on 7 camps and drills are the go to set up for many offseasons. One football guy close to our hearts doesn't think too much of the trend. Last week in an interview with a Tennessee radio station Addazio talked about a variety of BC-related issues and eventually gets to the 7 on 7s. This is what he said:

"You don’t know how people really perform until you put them in those pressure situations, so I equate it to 7 on 7. To me, the 7 on 7 drill in football is kind of a joke. The quarterbacks are throwing, there is no threat of being sacked, or being hit, and there’s really not a heavy contact threat in the back end.”

His argument makes sense. 7 on 7s improve timing or passing routes, but tell you little.

Is it any wonder that Addazio feels so much is missing from 7 on 7s? He's made his living with good line play and running the ball. Both aspects are neutered in passing drills.

Once again, Addazio is a good interview and I like his honesty on the hot topics in college football.


JBQ said...

If he doesn't develop a passer, it will be a very long year. Eight man defensive lines can be very conducive to passing. Zaire at ND can pass. We shall see if his clone Wade can do the same. If he can, BC wins. If he can't, then there will be hell to pay.

Shahed Moni said...
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EL MIZ said...

JBQ - if Wade can't pass the ball effectively, i have a feeling we'll see if Flutie can.

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