Monday, July 06, 2015

CFN's BC Preview and the challenges or BC's current roster

College Football News posted their BC preview and their roster breakdown. The preview is pretty straightforward and hits on most of what we know and expect. Reading the player piece was a bit more of a reminder of the challenges we face this season. CFN ranks BC's best players as Hilliman,Wujciak, Daniels, Kavalec, Simmons, Adbesmad, Williams, Alston, Willis and Moore. Going purely on their history, that is not an elite group of players. If those guys are really BC's best players, then we need to hope for a few breakout seasons.

Of CFN's best, a few might still become All-ACC players (Hilliman, maybe Alston, maybe Kavalec?). Hilliman will probably get plenty of carries and showed great potential last year. Alston is a playmaker in space. If BC can get him the ball in situations other than sweeps, he could also be elite. Kavalec will get plenty of chances to make plays on defense. He started strong last year before plateauing a bit. Let's hope he can make the jump.

A couple of guys showed moments of greatness in the past, but now face huge question marks due to injury (Williams and Adbesmad). I have a little more faith in Williams' return since his injury and recovery were fairly typical. I don't know what to expect from Adbesmad. Like Swigert, after so many setbacks, any production Addazio gets is a bonus.

The other guys -- Simmons, Willis, Wujciak, Daniels, and Moore -- are all likeable and productive players. Each will make a play or two over the course of the year that will win BC a game. BC has won for decades with guys like these. Yet on our best teams, I don't think any would have cracked the Top 10. This is where I feel like the downturn in talent/recruiting under Spaz finally shows itself. Spaz and his staff found plenty of "BC guys." But didn't find enough elite difference makers that you need to win a conference.

But the shallow preseason Top 10 doesn't mean that all hope is lost. I do believe in Addazio's young talent and think that plenty of recruits who didn't make the list will step up and have huge seasons.


mod34b said...

Fair review. it is the usual issues. BC has yet tp prove t can pass effectively, so the opponents will stuff the box. That will work against BC at times, but is something the team has overcome in past seasons too.

Our secondary with Don Brown's schemes is very porous. We have great numbers on rush D, becuase most teams just pass.

my initial prediction using the percentage of winning approach

Sept. 5 Maine .9
Sept. 12 Howard .9
Sept. 18 Florida State .3
Sept. 26 Northern Illinois .6
Oct. 3 at Duke .5
Oct. 10 Wake Forest .7
Oct. 17 at Clemson .3
Oct. 24 at Louisville .4
Oct. 31 Virginia Tech .6
Nov. 7 NC State .5
Nov. 21 at Notre Dame (in Fenway) .5
Nov. 28 at Syracuse .6

6.3 wins. Which includes 2 FBS wins.

bowling? 50/50 or less at this point.

but, heck the fun of college football is that it is unpredictable. Who really knows if Wade can throw the ball? if we will have legit WRs? If Hilliman is the new Andre? if the D will improve?.

That's why we watch the games

ryan morgan said...

I think the Spaz problems won't be any worse this year than the last two. Thin at OL. Guys will step up.

Assuming an FSU loss, CLEM / LOUIS will be a key two game stretch...

Chang bui thi said...
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Thomas said...

If Spaz was still here this would undoubtedly be a 2 win (both FBS) team.

EL MIZ said...

fair predictions, both from MOD and College Football News.

2nd year in a row we have an unproven QB. the O-Line concerns are legitimate but don't worry me - we have Frye and Addazio to whip them into shape. i think 6-7 wins is where we will wind up. the 2 FBS wins is annoying and could keep us out of bowl contention, but hopefully Addazio gets us to 7.

it will be a fun season, even if we lose more than half the time, if we see legitimate growth and promise from the guys brought in by the new regime. if we win 7 this year, then the next 2-3 years are going to be very fun as these guys become upperclassmen.

Hoib said...

I think this year we find out if the rubber meets the road w/ Daz. I've felt from day one that he is an exceptional coach. This year we'll find out. I'm optimistic.

Knucklehead said...

The Syracuse and nc state games are the key to a seven win season. The Syracuse game in particular is important for recruiting and they have obviously circled that game on the schedule thinking back to the hits Rettig took two years ago and the bullshit that went on in the game last season.

Syracuse is a scumbag athletic program. Their football coach is classless to say the least. I want to win that game more than any other one this season.

I would like some more information on Wade but get a good feeling that there will be a Flutie playing QB again for us at some point this season.

Big Jack Krack said...

Well, normally I'd say year three is "rubber meets the road" year and agree with Hoib. However, I think that by inheriting the Spaz recruits for his first year (some of whom are pretty good)The Dazzler probably gets an extra year.

I look for the big improvement - the moving forward improvement next year.

A good year this year, with all of our young players, is pure cream and gravy.

I agree with Knuckle in my desire to beat Syracuse, and we need to beat NC State for sure to have a half decent year.

I wish we had Penn State for an OOC foe every year or every other year.

Go BC.

Shahed Moni said...

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Hoib said...


My optimisim isn't in the form of expectations. Everyone sites numerous reasons why we will do no better or even worse this year. If Daz is just a decent coach like TOB that is what will happen. I think Daz is better than that, though I have nothing to base it on. If he really is top notch this season will be better than most are expecting. Let the games begin!

CT said...

You can be the best recruiter or best coach but if you haven't a qb then you'll look incompetent.

Ask Les Miles. More talent than anyone but no qb.

Or UFla.

Miami, too.

Daz is tied to Wade. If not Wade, hopefully the backup is decent. For the coach's sake.