Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hanlan exploring options

Olivier Hanlan didn't play well in the Las Vegas Summer League. Now he has a decision

As a second round pick, the Jazz owe him a non-guaranteed one-year contract to keep his rights. He can sign, ride the bench, get a little money and get cut whenever they need to make room for someone else. He's unlikely to break the Jazz's rotation (based on how he played), so the only way to get better as part of the Jazz Organization is the D Leage. But that would solve one problem (playing time) and might create others (lack of money and lack of real coaching).

The other option is going to Europe. In this case the Jazz would retain his rights, but he could improve his game and make some decent money. If anything he should look at the nice career former Eagle Tyrese Rice created in Europe.  

I hope that he finds a place to develop. I think with the right coach and team, his shooting will improve and he'll become an regular NBA player. 

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Big Jack Krack said...

Good luck OH - we're moving on.