Sunday, July 19, 2015

Media Guide released!

Another sign the football season is near: BC released their media guide. The timing coincides with the ACC Media Days that started Sunday. It might not mean much to the casual BC fan, but the media guide is a huge project for the Sports Information Department. Congrats to them on publishing the 2015 version.

Is it worth reading the media guide? It is full of fact and figures, so it can be a little dull. However, the athlete profiles are always well done. For many of the players, their Media Guide bio is our first detailed introduction to them. The media guide is also a great source for team history and records.

The summer roster was also released. The only real news there is that Nat Dixon is still listed. On social media it seems like he might have left the team. I am sure the Sport Information department will clear that up soon.


mod34b said...

Yay. Football soon

Like that we got 2 new coaches from Florida. That should add some intensity. Good to see Daz attracting quality coaches -- Coleman Hutzler - Special teams (much needed) and D. White WR coach (also area of need). Sean Duggan is now a graduate assistant.

Our biggest player is a massive Freshman - Aaron Monteiro - 6'7" 336 lb OL! Shortest is speedy Sherm Alston at 5'6"

Got an interesting FR kicker too -- Colton Lichtenberg, in case Knoll remains a head case(esp. after the fiasco at Yankee stadium).

JBQ said...

@mod34b: There are a lot of unknowns. The coaching last Fall was a disaster. Day is gone for a reason. Special teams was "pot luck". Nevertheless, you cannot have three different kickers missing extra points. It is not the kickers. It was the timing and the holder and that would be Murphy.

Knucklehead said...

That last comment is bullshit. Watch the tape of his missed kicks. He over steps.

Jesus, that is the most erroneous post I have ever read.

Honest to Christ; the worst.

mod34b said...

@jbq - i think you are making an interesting point. But i think it was a triple failure. Bad kickers, bad coach (kickers not coached up by the prima dona Day) and shaky holder (using very busy Murphy as a holder, who obviously did not put enough time into this tricky job.) Whole mess, though, falls on Uncle Steve. If we all saw the disaster unfolding, Daz had to have seen it and ignored it.

Was any BC fan (or PSU fan for that matter) surprised the Knoll F'd up the kick. Answer: no.

So, that is why it is good seeing an ex Florida coach supervising . Frankly, a little late to get attention, but good move going forward

CT said...

Yep. The head coach is responsible for missing 60 ft kicks. Brilliant.

Even Alabama misses on recruits. Geez.

What will mod complain about now with all these great coaches?

ATL_eagle said...

Addazio replaced the Special Teams coach. I think that should improve place kicking a bit.

mod34b said...

CT - You do know that BC was #128/128 in PAT last year, missing close to 1 in 5 PATs. you know that, right? BC's worst PAT performance ever! Gotta be a systemic failure on evey level.

So as the clocked turned past midnight last night, and the Simpson's show just started, what were you thinking? -- Daz gets a pass for the worst special teams kicking team in the NCAA in recent memory? or do you think we should Blame ONLY Kicker #1, kicker #2 and kicker #3? or was it just a chance to show that you and Knucklehead are simpatico?

Who will that CT guy complain about next?

CT said...

Likely you were I to guess.

You can't even find 32 good pro kickers. Recruits miss. Yes Daz is the head honcho, but I'm willing to cut him some slack because he has, contrary to your opinion, made a little lemonade out of Spazzy lemons in these first two seasons.

mod34b said...

admit it CT, you were cozying up to Knucklehead.. :-)

yes, Daz is way better than Spaz ... but a surprising # of NFLers (or near miss NFLers) in the Spaz tree... i think it is over 15 Spaz players in NFL (or under pre season contract)