Friday, July 31, 2015

How will this year's Coaching Carousel impact BC?

Addazio is perfectly safe. Even if the team craters this year, he's earned enough goodwill from his first two years to survive a terrible season. Other coaches won't be as lucky. Many will be fired. And if things go well for BC this year, some program might come for Addazio. But Addazio has just of enough of a history outside of BC that not just any program would hire him. He's not getting an SEC job. He's probably not drawing interest from the Pac 12. So it would come down to these spots that might be open:

Indiana -- The good news and bad news is that Addazio already coached there. They are familiar with him and might want him. The flipside is he knows how hard it is to win there. They also have Big Ten TV money. Ultimately I don't see him leaving for Bloomington, but he might leverage interest for a raise.

Virginia -- We've lost coaches to ACC programs before, but how did that work out for NC State? Virginia might be a better gig on paper (more local talent, potentially more local support), but I don't know if they would make a run at Addazio. 

Illinois -- This is a better job than Indiana, but it still has limited upside. The division is winnable but you still have to face Michigan and Ohio State to win the Championship. Of the positions likely to open, this one seems the most plausible.

Ultimately I don't think Addazio wants to leave for just any old job. I think it would take a lot of money and an opportunity to win. Those above don't seem like sure bets, but there are always a few twists in the process. But having a desirable coach is a nice problem to have. We can only hope that Addazio wins so much each year that he is always mentioned for new openings. 


Big Jack Krack said...

Addazio is just about a perfect fit for BC. If, for instance, Miami comes calling after they fire Golden (if they have a bad year) he may not be a great fit for what they need.

Go BC - go Steve Addazio. Keep building this program - we know you can do it!

EL MIZ said...

agree with BJK. i think Addazio knows this is the place for him. i also don't see him leaving when this team is going to be ACC contenders (and, if i had to put money on it, will win at least one ACC title) in 2016 and 2017. LETS GO EAGLES

mod34b said...

Daz will move if Daz thinks its good for Daz - nothing really wrong with that. Daz is an opportunist, just like most coaches, without any deep loyalty to BC. Heck, i think he would be excited to be a Big10 coach and going up against his old boss. Remember how Daz said Temple was his 'dream job.' yeah, right.

if Daz really exceeds expectations this year - 10-3 or so with a high quality win - he will be in the conversations for a new job and bigger $$. The current low expectations for BC football (thanks Spaz), could (if exceeded) paradoxically act as a potent spring board for Daz.

but If Daz produces more .500 ball he's a BC man for another year.

i still don't think Daz is a great coach and remain puzzled why so many have such an overblown opinion about Daz. He has only established that he is better than Spaz.

JBQ said...

There are indeed a lot of unknowns as BC heads into the season. There will be little pressure on Addazio. The questions are in regard to Brown and Fitch as well as the new special teams coordinator. There is an extreme amount of inexperience. As of now, there is a lot of unease about the situation. One just has to mentally pull on their helmet real tight and wait to see what happens.

Nick P. said...

Unless it's a perennial top-10 program, he's not going anywhere. I believe in his view, nearly every other job would be a lateral move as he could accomplish the same level of success at BC. As his success grows, BC will continue to pay him appropriately. BC has demonstrated that they are willing to reward mediocrity. They would most certainly reward success. Also, I don't see how there's enough data to conclude he's a bad coach. He's been working with a dilapidated roster and he's still figured out ways to be beat expectations each year thus far.

Knucklehead said...

This post is asinine. The BC job is better than you think. He ain't leaving . . . to go to those schools anyway. Look at the salaries. I know 2.6 in Boston is not the same as 2.6 in Blacksburg but it is 120% more than O'B. Honestly his next stop if he has one is Notre Dame. The smurf there now thinks he is holier than thou. That will grow stale. One more year-long academic suspension by a high profile player or 8-4 season and he is on the hot seat. The fenway game could be good springboard for Stevie. He is a very inspirational speaker, with an religious undertone and clean record.

"By Bob Hohler Globe Staff May 22, 2015

When it comes to big-time football, Boston College has gone deep in paying its head coach. Steve Addazio, the highest paid employee in BC history, last year ranked among the most generously compensated football coaches in the ACC at nearly $2.6 million.

Addazio and Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer, who also earned about $2.6 million, trailed only three other ACC coaches in total compensation: Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher ($3.6 million), Clemson’s Dabo Swinney ($3.2 million), and Louisville’s Bobby Petrino ($3 million), according to BC’s most recent federal tax filing and the USA Today database on coaching salaries."

Big 10 Coaching Salaries:
Michigan State Big Ten Mark Dantonio $5,611,845
Ohio State Big Ten Urban Meyer $4,486,640
Penn State Big Ten James Franklin $4,300,000
Iowa Big Ten Kirk Ferentz $4,075,000
Nebraska Big Ten Bo Pelini $3,077,646
Michigan Big Ten Brady Hoke $2,854,000
Northwestern Big Ten Pat Fitzgerald $2,480,967
Wisconsin Big Ten Gary Andersen $2,200,000
Minnesota Big Ten Jerry Kill $2,100,000
Purdue Big Ten Darrell Hazell $2,090,000
Maryland Big Ten Randy Edsall $2,033,680
Illinois Big Ten Tim Beckman $1,950,000
Indiana Big Ten Kevin Wilson $1,301,644
Rutgers Big Ten Kyle Flood $975,000

mod34b said...

Urban Meyer makes 6.5M
Jim Harbaugh makes 7.0M

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Hoib said...

The School did the right thing last year in uping Daz's deal. If he has more big years to come, and I expect him to, they'll have to continue to up the ante. This will accomplish 2 things. 1. it narrows the potential places to leave for, and 2. if the deals are properly structured w/ big boyouts, BC gets compensated for his departing. Those funds can be used to bring in the replacement. This is exactly what CSU did w/ Jim McElwain.