Monday, July 13, 2015

Report: BC and North Dakota planning MSG game

It is good to be a BC fan in New York. New Yorker Eagles have been able to see the football and basketball teams locally numerous times. Now it looks like they will be able to see Hockey at Madison Square Garden. According to multiple reports, BC and North Dakota are in the final stages of scheduling a game the the New York arena in December 2016. 

The game should do well at the box office. North Dakota fans are known for traveling and BC showed they could sell ticket in New York. Plus the hardcore BC Hockey fans will make a trip of it to see BC play in the famous arena. Confirmation of the game should come during this upcoming hockey season. 


Hoib said...

There are allot of alums in the greater NYC area. I think we should play the Cuse football game annually at the Stadium, ala Army Navy. It would go along way to creating a real rivalry game w/o giving up much of a home game. Usually when we play them at home the kids aren't around, and the atmosphere is pretty stale.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

I was at the Syracuse game at Alumni last year and Hoib is right. The crowd at that game did not include many students, since most are at home for Thanksgiving break. Working something out with "New York's College Team" and Yankee Stadium to play the game there annually would be a great event.