Tuesday, July 14, 2015

UNC hires Crawley and other links

Former BC Women's Basketball Coach Sylvia Crawley is back in the ACC as an assistant at North Carolina. Because Women's Basketball doesn't get all that much attention, the Crawley tenure is often overlooked in how bad things got. Hopefully the rebuild is almost complete.

Olivier Hanlan's early struggles have disappointed some Jazz followers. If he cannot get more play in the Summer League, he's probably headed for the D-League.

Jay Paterno reached out to BC about staff jobs in the past. This came out as part of his lawsuit against the NCAA. He's been rejected by a number of Power 5 schools as well as James Madison. It is unclear if he talked to BC under Spaz or Addazio. As far as I know, Jay never enabled or ignored Sandusky's crimes. HE probably deserves another chance to prove himself as a coach. I don't see it happening at BC though...Addazio seems pretty committed to hiring from his own network.

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