Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Watch lists don't mean much

Every day a different BC player seems to end up on a new preseason watch list. Let me now give a blanket congratulations to all of them and more importantly a congrats to BC Sports Information for getting the players on the list. However, it all means nothing.

These preseason lists are so big and so sprawling there is not much true selectivity to it all. Plus even just getting on the voters' radar doesn't mean all that much. It is all about playing, stats and peaking at the right time. As Stewart Mandel pointed out in his recent mailbag, you don't have to be on the list to win the final award. For some awards nominations are open into October.

Andre Williams won all the big running back awards, including the Walker. He started the season on the Walker Watch list, but it was the 200-yard game after 200-yard game that won the award. It was the same with his Heisman invite. He worked his way into the finals. He put up huge number, the right amount of highlights and peaked at the right time. The list didn't sway voters.

I hope we win all the awards this year because if we do, it will be about having a great season, not a well-marketed offseason.

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