Sunday, August 23, 2015

Preseason Top 25 includes three BC opponents

The AP released their preseason Top 25. Obviously BC didn't make it. BC didn't even get a vote. However, three BC opponents -- Clemson, Florida State and Notre Dame -- earned enough votes to make the rankings.

A few other future foes are outside the Top 25, but still earned votes (Virginia Tech, Louisville, Northern Illinois, and NC State). While some of these teams received votes purely based on reputation, this does speak to the lopsided nature of BC's schedule. We have cupcakes early and then face seven legitimate teams.

I am not particularly concerned about the lack of respect for BC or the ACC among the voters. As long as there is a human element to the Selection Committee, these sorts of polls do matter. But this is probably not going to be our year. If we win the ACC, we will be highly ranked, but winning the ACC will be the only way for BC to even be discussed at the Selection Committee.


mod34b said...

NCSU only got 4 votes and N Ill got 2

Even at only 4 votes, NCSU is overrated!

NEDofSavinHill said...

Two games against FCS teams then 10 in a row against Div. 1. Seven of those ten are in the top forty. Three are top 12 teams. Duke should also be in the top 40. Complaints about the schedule seem hollow. FWAA 75th anniversary all American team correctly had Keuchley on it. He should have been first team. His pro record reinforces how good he was in college. Tebow should not have been selected. He was essentially a media creation. His sophomore year he won the Heisman. He passed for 3000 yards and led his team to 9 wins. That same year BC's Ryan passed for 4500 yards and they had eleven victories. Ryan is ten times the QB Tebow ever was and his play in the pros confirms that. Ryan and Flutie were both superior players to Tebow. The FWAA team had 19 players from the BIG 10, 15 from the ACC and 13 from the SEC. Third place? Where is the dominance and superiority?

CT said...

Ha. Tebow ran or threw for 55 TDs that yr! He avgd 320 yds per game in only 12 games!

How many of those "ACC" guys on that team were in, you know, the ACC? Fitzgerald? Deion? Bruce Smith? Hendricks?

Mo. Ron.

Thomas said...

Aww come on CT, what would your week be without NED's regularly scheduled SEC-loathing diatribe?

CT said...

The conference thing-the one trick pony routine-has to be partly tongue-in-cheek. But the lack of paragraph breaks? Hurtful.

Hoib said...


I think Pro ball should have no standing in deciding on college awards. I think Keuchley benefited from being on a lousy D. The line was so bad he had to clean up their mess so his stats were off the charts. Not taking anything away from Luke, but I think Hersy might have been better before he got sick. Flutie should have made the team he played the position in college as good as anyone has. The team was garbage before he got there and he took them on his back w/ his last game being in the Cotton bowl. Luke was good but his team stunk. To my point about not counting on the Pros for college awards I think Herschal is the best college player I've seen, but his pro career wasn't all that great. Also shows I don't have an anti SEC bias.