Saturday, August 22, 2015

Half full or Half empty after second scrimmage?

This is what SI's Pete Thamel had to say after watching BC's second scrimmage:

If Thamel is correct, BC will exceed most experts' expectations. But any honest fan also has to ask: is the Defense great or is the green Offense making the D look better?

Addazio spoke to the media after the scrimmage and fell somewhere in between. He's concerned about the mistakes on offense (penalties, missed blocks, turnovers, etc), but he also admits the Defense is bringing lots of pressure.

My biggest concern based on the posted observations are the issues on the Offensive Line. If they can't play well, the whole season falls apart.

I feel like I jinxed things with my earlier post on injuries. Glines hurt his collarbone Friday and is out for at least six weeks. There are also concerns and rumors about a few other Offensive players, but BC has yet to update their situations.

The bright spot seems to be backup QB Jeff Smith. Wade remains in the driver seat, but Smith is playing well enough to get the No. 2 spot.


EL MIZ said...

the D last year was very strong and we didn't really lose a ton of talent - Keyes and Asprilla were probably the only above-average players (also lost Sean Duggan, Sean Sylvia, Ty-Meer Brown, Seyi Adebayo). i don't think any were irreplaceable, and all have been replaced adequately (Keyes by Stratchan i'd guess, and Asprilla by Yiadom). the depth and athleticism has also improved a ton. i think/hope its more the D is that good.

JBQ said...

Both Tyler Murphy and Shakim Phillips received 20 yard plus td passes Saturday from Landry Jones from Oklahoma for the Steelers. The mechanics for Jones is awesome. This opens a "can of worms". Elijah Robinson appears to have good mechanics and yet was switched to wide receiver. Darius Wade has terrible mechanics. Fitch has a lot of work to do.