Friday, August 21, 2015

What to look for in the 2nd Scrimmage

BC takes the field Saturday for another scrimmage. This one will be less predictable. The Offense usually starts slow in the first scrimmage. Now we expect progress. And we also hope no one gets hurt. Here are a few things to follow:

1. Does Wade get all the first team snaps again
You can say the competition is open, but as long as one guy gets all the snaps nothing is open. I want Wade to get as much practice as we can, but the other guys should get at least a series with the first team. We need to see what they can do just in case something happens to Wade.

2. Get through without injuries
Notre Dame was just the latest program to lose a starter during practice. BC has been lucky so far and treating injured players with kid gloves. Let's hope everyone gets through Saturday in one piece.

3. Better kicking
BC didn't focus on the kicking in their press release for the first scrimmage...and with good reason. Our Achilles' Heel remains an issue until someone kicks with consistency.


JBQ said...

Wade does appear to be the best of the candidates for this particular offense. I have been following the saga of E.J. Manual from FSU with the Buffalo Bills. I saw a video hype that was put out before the draft. He is 6 ft 5, 250, and "hits a dime" at 40 yards. He is personable and articulate. Something happens when he gets on the field. Therefore, it is very wise to look at other candidates. It is also important to note that a very good offensive coordinator like the young Mike Sanford at ND will tailor the offense to the skills of the quarterback. Wade is 6 ft, 210. Flutie is 5 ft 10, 180. Compare him to Cordale Jones at 270 at Ohio St. with his 6 ft 5. You just cannot run the same offense. Murphy really couldn't run this offense. Actually, BC needs to recruit a "monster of the Midway" like Bronco Nigurski. Tebow ran it at Florida with Addazio at 240-250. Actually, the answer would be to switch Hilleman to quarterback.

EagleOutDere said...

I just read on EA that Glines broke his collar bone. Out for a while. Was having a good camp too.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

There may be a lot of legitimate excuses this year for certain performance issues - but there will be no excuses for a lack of major improvement in field goals and point afters.

JBQ said...

On a "parallel site", Addazio was interviewed after the scrimmage. He complained about "lack of consistency" on offense with "too many mistakes". He stated basically that the defense looked pretty good. Elijah Robinson was switched to wide receiver. There were pictures of him throwing the ball. He really has a good motion and comes over the top. He is too skinny for this offense. Maybe during his career, he will put on some weight. Previous pictures have shown Wade to have a "hitch" in his throw. Jeff Smith appears to be the hot topic with his throwing of a td. None of the quarterbacks appear big enough for this offense. It is noted from the roster just released that you have some 6 freshmen offensive linemen who are at least 6 ft 6 and 300 lbs.

CT said...

That first post was amazing.