Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Addazio's QB hedge better not last long

The old football adage says that "if you have two starting quarterbacks, you don't have one." While the theory has been attributed to John Madden and Bill Parcells, this week it could just as well be Steve Addazio's mindset. Against Northern Illinois, both Jeff Smith and Troy Flutie will play. He hasn't indicated a starter, but that doesn't really matter. According to Addazio, he's not going to ride the hot hand. Each QB will have packages. So even if Flutie starts out 5 for 5 and throws two TDs, Smith will play. And same holds true if Smith runs for 80 yards on the first play. This is a fine approach for the 1st half of the NIU game, but cannot go much beyond that. If it does, BC is in big trouble.

None of us know what either QB can do under pressure. Not even Addazio. He's validated the gossiped consensus that came out of camp (Smith is a brilliant runner, Flutie more of a game manager). But the past is somewhat irrelevant now. What a guy does in a practice or scrimmage in August is very different from playing against other teams. Based on the second hand information and the garbage time against Howard, I want Smith. As Addazio said in his Monday media time, we have so few players who can truly explode, that having Smith sit is a waste of an asset. If Flutie proves that he can consistently pass against elite defenses, then by all means, let him manage the games. But I don't think we have enough talent on the line or at WR for Flutie to be any use. Smith needs to be the guy.

But the hedge and using both all season is what I fear most. If neither guy establishes himself this weekend, then just pick one and let him and the team take their lumps. Why trot out two ineffective guys when giving all the snaps to the one with more upside might be off later this season?


EL MIZ said...

completely agree. i'm in favor of letting them both play in the NIU game, putting each in the best opportunity to succeed (via packages, personnel, etc). i really hope there is a QB1 for the Duke game.

chicagofire1871 said...

Reading between the lines (and Addazio hinted as much), you keep giving both game snaps because one is going to get hurt behind our young O-line just like Wade.

GP11 said...

If we're being honest, there's not a great chance we have a clear starter after NIU. But this is where Daz needs to make a strong decision and adapt the gameplan to the QB.

The worst thing he can do is give into the pressure of starting Flutie just because he's Flutie (that said, it will definitely generate casual fan interest and keep fans coming if the season goes south fast).

I'm intrigued by both guys: Smith clearly has more upside w/ his speed, but we didn't get to see too many opportunities to throw. Flutie will likely cost us a lot of option ability, but made some good throws during his opportunities.

The separate packages for both guys is good, but words need to convert to actions... I was blown away that they ran the option with Flutie instead of Smith on 4th down against FSU. Flutie's runs should come from rollouts or scrambles, not options. Keep things simple and play to each guys' strengths. This should be interesting to say the least.

Knucklehead said...

Flutie QB. Smith to WR.

Someone on this team has to be able to get open and make a catch.

Knucklehead said...

. . .Smith will not make 2 full game at QB. He has broken collarbone written all over him. It would be much better to use him where his skills could help the team and give the other QB an option in the passing game.

mod34b said...

"Based on the second hand information and the garbage time against Howard, I want Smith. "

in other words, ATL, you really have no basis to express a valid preference, nor does anyone else.

smith, a running 180 lb QB , will get hit by a lot of bigger stronger players... we need a new back up plan

Robinson is an option.

new Guy from SC, Brendan Nosovitch (6-2 225 lbs) , is also a possible option , as he too was a QB.... possibly a very good option for 2015. the new Uncle Dave -- Uncle Brendan

but its all on you Daz

JBQ said...

This has Little Big Horn written all over it. Crazy Horse should be so lucky.

Knucklehead said...

That guy transferred in to get a free MBA from a real academic institution.

Aqui vamos.

Hoib said...

I think it might make a little sense to watch these guys play some before one is anointed. I could see a scenario where playing both could be our best chance to win. I'll have my answer when I see Smith throw and Flutie run. I don't see how anyone can say what should be done till we see this happen. More importantly we better get the line play up to speed. W/O that it won't matter who the QB is. Football really is mostly about blocking and tackling. If you can't do those 2 things schemes and skill position people won't matter.