Monday, September 21, 2015

TV times for Duke and TV ratings for FSU

Friday night games might not be a hit with season ticket holders, but the concept works on TV. BC's game against Florida State drew a 2.3 overnight rating and was the highest rated Friday night game in three years. For years now BC has been a better TV draw than we are at the ticket counter. While some of it can be attributed to our far-flung alumni base, a lot of it is driven by viewers in Boston. Someone one day will figure out how to get all those local fans watching on TV into Alumni. 

Not surprisingly our good showing enticed Raycom to pick up the Duke game for their 3:30 slot. Like all regional ACC 3:30 games this will be a patchwork of local cable networks. In New England the game will be on NESN. Most everyone else will see it on their regional Fox Sports channel. 


CT said...

Come on. FSU has a hugely dispersed fanbase. The Atlanta group alone is ridiculous. I want to believe, too.

CT said...

We were only 5k short of a sellout. For FSU. Not trying to be negative,'s just funny to see 39k.