Thursday, September 03, 2015

BC-Maine preview

Another season is finally here. The third year in any college program is usually a good indicator of the coach's potential. This is now Addazio's roster and his schedule...and his quarterback. The team is young, but I think this weekend is the first look into their upside. I don't expect championships this year, but I do expect a likable, fun and competitive season.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
The calendar just turned to September and still no specifics on BC's Master Plan nor the indoor practice facility. BC internal politics, the usual Boston-Newton stuff and fundraising challenges are all part of the delay, but at some point Brad Bates has got to take control of this thing. We don't need a boat rocker like Gene, but we do need to get the athletic components of this Master Plan out of endless limbo. That's on Bates. If BC doesn't announce and break ground on something soon, it is just going to cost us. First recruits and then a few extra bucks to keep Addazio happy.

Three Simple Keys
1. Sound run blocking. This BC's chance to work the kinks out. The listed starters have not worked together in a scrimmage, so there could be some timing issues. Hopefully nothing that hurts a drive. If BC can just overpower their front four, it can create things for the RBs and build Wades' confidence.
2. Early scoring. I don't think this will be close. But my fear with a young team is letting Maine get up early and then watching panic and doubt creep in to the sidelines. Every year a FCS team beats a FBS team. Let's not be the one this year.
3. Simple defense. Ideally we win without giving Maine a lot of unique looks on defense. I want all our blitzes and tendencies to be new to Florida State in two weeks.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 4-0 vs FCS teams
-- Addazio is 2-0 in season openers at BC
-- BC is 21-1 all-time against FCS teams
There is currently no line for this game on the major betting sites.

Maine has 15 Massachusetts players on their roster.

Scoreboard Watching
Louisville-Auburn has my attention. The Cards are one of our toughest games, yet are a double-digit underdog in their opener. A Louisville win is a win for the conference. If they get crushed, it might give us some hope for beating them later in the year.

I hope to see...
Wade look sharp. Everyone loves the back-up QB (I already have my Smith for Heisman t-shirts ready), but it is best for all if things go according to plan. And that plan is for Darius Wade to lead a passing offense for BC.

BC is in trouble if...
The D can't shutdown Maine. Maybe not in trouble for this game, but surely in trouble for this season.

Bottom Line
I don't think this will be close. I think we overpower them and win in the trenches. Wade doesn't look like the second coming but he does the job and Addazio gets the backups in during the second half.
Final Score: BC 31, Maine 6


Knucklehead said...

Are you aware of the land BC bought in the beacon st Hammond st area? Might be some plans indirectly involving this land

NEDofSavinHill said...

A close defensive game may be in store. BC 24-13. Last year they outgained UMass 500 yards to 200. Hope the D can keep the yardage and score down.

chicagofire1871 said...

Who was our lone FCS loss?

Thomas said...

Lost to UMASS 27-0 in 1978

Thomas said...

Odd fact - Notre Dame, USC, and UCLA have never played an FCS opponent

CT said...

The Factoid is all you need to know.