Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Picks Week 3

Another 5-5 week. But like BC, I am just getting warmed up. Entertainment only here since I am not putting my money where my mouth is.

(Picks in bold.)

Air Force +25.5 at Michigan State

South Florida +7 at Maryland

Northwestern +3.5 at Duke

Temple -10 at UMass

Georgia Tech -2.5 at Notre Dame

Virginia Tech -7 at Purdue

Auburn +6.5 at LSU

South Carolina +16.5 at Georgia 

Colorado -3 at Colorado State

Stanford +9 at USC

Last week I was 5-5. I am 10-10 on the season.

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CT said...

Well. I laughed at "Jimbo skips leg day" on the sign behind the Sportscenter gal.