Saturday, September 26, 2015

Heights get more info on BC head injury protocol

One of the things that bothered me most about the game was watching Tyler Rouse get so many carries after leaving the game earlier with a head injury. He visibly wobbled off the field.

There is so much we don't know about head injuries and concussions, it seems best to err on the side of caution. I also worry about putting the "play/not to play" decision on the coach and player. They are tough, competitive people. They are always going to play. That is why it should not be their calls. It should be a medical decision. Based on the solid reporting by Michael Sullivan, it appears the Rouse decision was handled under BC's current protocol.

Should any BC player take the field after a head injury? I am not a medical expert, but I would like to see the issue examined further. However, I am glad that there is a policy and that the coach doesn't influence it.


Big Jack Krack said...

HC said he lost 3 RBs and only had one left - Rouse. Hilliman hurt his foot, Outlow and Willis unknown.

Maybe Rouse got the wind knocked out of him as opposed to a concussion/head injury.
Can't imagine sending him back out there with a head injury.

As bad as the coaches were, they couldn't be that bad, could they?

eagleboston said...

ESPN3 did not replay the kickoff, so it is hard to tell exactly what happened. He seemed to stand up, wobble, and then needed assistance getting off the field. It appeared to be a concussion, but other injuries can cause someone to stagger. I guess we have to trust that the doctors made the right call.

Hoib said...
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Hoib said...

BCs liability exposure would he huge if the protocol were violated. This issue was explored ad nauseum a few years ago when RG3 was put back in a playoff game w/ a knee injury. The Docs have to clear a guy to go back in. The coach is out of the loop on the decision.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Great coaching. Great win against a quality team. Both freshman QBs showed ability. Flutie may be a better passer than Wade and Smith may be a better rusher. Both along with the entire offense will grow with time. Using both produced 325 yards of offense. Ohio State may have gotten less against that NIU D. BC over the last two years has played three common opponents with Ohio State, NIU, VT and Penn ST. Both played PSU to overtime. VT beat OSU but lost to BC. Their games against NIU were comparable. Using that evidence the air heads who compose the football writers decide OSU is number one in the land and BC is 70. Does that make sense? 2. It was enjoyable to see another member of the Herbstreit clan put his foot in his mouth. His kid picked NIU. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He is the same expert who told us Matt Ryan wasn't a good QB. 3. Another tough week for the SEC. Auburn, Arkansas, Tenn. and Missouri were pre season top 25. Are any of them in the top 50?

Hoib said...


Don't know what you saw in Flutie. Lookedlike he threw wounded ducks to me, even the TD, maybe he rushed his throws because of nerves, but so far I'd have to say Wadw throws a much better ball.

Big Jack Krack said...

Troy doesn't have as much zip on the ball as I thought he would.

I think he almost lobbed the TD pass, not wanting to overthrow, etc.

He had very good vision on the play following a great fake.

Big Jack Krack said...

If, in fact, NIU is a quality team this year - and they very well may be, our D made their O look very plain and ordinary.

I'm very excited about our D. We all knew that we had depth on the line and the LB's had depth and were strong - but these DB's seem to be much better than I had hoped. I thought they had a chance to be good, but so far, they look great.

Let's hope the D continues to keep us in league games, as the O grows.

Again, we are very young, with experienced TE's out injured, QB out for the season, and RB's getting dinged up, etc. I was really mad at the coaching during the game, but overall, I have much trust in Addazio and his staff.

Go BC - beat Duke. This is a huge game for us. It would be simply fantastic moving to 4 and 1 with WF coming to Boston before the horrid stretch. I'm not counting my chickens.......... just sayin'.

Plus, we are competing for the lowest average attendance in the league with them, and we may overtake them in the race to the bottom, because they will have a full house on Saturday.

Best thing to do is beat Duke on their own gridiron.

blist said...

BJK, I thought Flutie was perfect on the TD pass, beautiful play, well executed. I say this as a guy who wanted Smith to be the clear winner -- the two guys looked like what they are -- inexperienced Freshman. Flute has a redshirt year on Smith and it shows. I also think Flutie wasn't done any favors by the designed roll-outs that forced him to twist his body to throw -- i.e. the plays designed for lefty Wade not righty Flutie. I think Smith has more upside (he showed some length with his arm in an incomplete pass in 2Q) but I thought Flutie was generally ok given how bad the O-line was for much of the day. Setting aside the lameness of the Dazzler's playcalling.

Hoib said...


I think the Duke game will be tough. Very young team going on the road for the first time. Though w/ this D we should have a puncher's chance.