Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ugly win

Sometimes you feel good after a close win. Not today. That was ugly.

I didn't like the way they used Flutie. I didn't like they way they used Smith. And using Rouse after an official head injury notification that came from BC, is highly questionable.

Once again, BC's defense did everything only to see the O and Special Teams nearly give it away. The D is going to have to carry this team the rest of the way, since everything else from the game management to simple kickoffs is a mess.

I will have my grades and second viewing thoughts up late Sunday.


EL MIZ said...

just in case they delete the tweet:

BC Football ‏@BCFootballNews 45m45 minutes ago
Tyler Rouse's return today is doubtful. He has a head injury. #NIUvsBC

i can't find a replay of it but it was clear Rouse was knocked out. was motionless after the hit, then completely wobbly and had to be helped off the sidelines. i am shocked Addazio put him back in.

JBQ said...

"Ugly" is still a win. BC has lots of problems on offense. You have to start with the "good" and then you go to the "bad and the ugly". Let's give thanks for a positive and then go on to the well defined negative. Northern Illinois came very close to upsetting Ohio State. If the tight end didn't flinch on the three yard line, NI would have scored and brought it to 20-17. They would have won. This is a very good victory for BC. So if the defense has to carry the load till the offense jells, then so be it. This victory is a very positive sign and has to be seen as such.

EL MIZ said...

good point JBQ. a W is a W. NIU is a tough team. excited/terrified for the Duke game next week.

CT said...

Agree with JBQ. Duke has a dude named Cash at OLB. Hope the Falcons are on him. But that's for next week. Daz has adapted before but we're starting to worry. No substitute for experience.

Hoib said...

I'm very excited about where Daz has brought us. The # of athletes we have now compared to 3 years ago is startling. This game was a replay of last years CSU game, except now we have the horses on D, and it showed big time in the final series. TOB made a nice point that Brown can play D the way he wants to now because he has the 2 soph. CB's who can cover one on one. Remember last year there were plenty of people who wanted to dump Brown, JBQ included. Now we have growing pains to go through on offense, but we have athletes. I think by game 7 Smith Will get most of the snaps, they just need to coach him up. Too bad our bye comes so late this year, Smith would have really benefited from a week off early, but it is what it is. A key play in the game was Flutie losing his shoe of all things. The NIU D didn't respect Troy as a runner, so they crashed the middle. Things open up w/ Smith in there. Alas we still have special team problems, but it looked like the new kids PK looked proper. Bottom line is I think we will be much better in the second half of the year. Keep the faith.

mod34b said...

a W is a W.

Apologies not

Nice to see the lads actually close out a game the hard way. Good experience

As for smith, how many bobbles and fumbles did her have? Was it 3. Not good

Daz wants a running game with throwing on 3rd and long. Flutie good enough, but lacks the energy to spark things . His attempt to run from defenders is comical. (Did he ever get away?)

eagleboston said...

The offense is horrid, but keep in mind that we have 3 starters out, and even when they were in, the unit was very young. This is a very, very good football team BC just defeated. They gave Ohio State a scare last week and when you factor that both scores this week were not on the D, you have to be very confident about BC's chances on the road next week.

The D is playing high level and the offense can only get better as they gain experience. BC needs to play .500 ball from here on out to get to a bowl. It's going to be very tough given the schedule, but I think the D gives BC the edge.

John said...

Well, I was pretty frustrated with the calls down the stretch, but TE Addazio went down and we have only young TE's left. Taylor was out and Wade is out.

The D shut down N. IL all day, and pitched a shutout and the O got just enough done. A long interception and a kickoff return almost put the Huskies in position to win. Our play calls did put them in position to win, but our D came to the rescue.

I guess you can Gary Nyquil Tranquil your way to a win, but it's ugly and iffy. But with 2 senior TE's out, we had only a few experienced linemen left.

We are a F, RSF, and So team - that's what we are. In that respect - hat's off for the win.

The fans who leave early suck - really suck. And now that I'm older, I guess I appear pretty foolish when I yell at them as they file out of the stadium early. Fact of the matter is, wouldn't they have been surprised if we lost today, like Texas. The coaches almost managed us to a loss (3 and out; shanked punt and the Huskies at midfield with plenty of time to engineer a TD drive or tie the game.)

Beautiful day for a game, and I witnessed two touchdowns and a FG in 8 quarters. Go DEFENSE - keep us in the upcoming games.


John said...

BTW - the attendance was 30,100. Pitiful.

I am going to stop talking about it, but it's a major concern and a major embarrassment. We do not deserve to be in the P5 with this downward spiral - it gets worse every year.

What is your plan to get BC back on track attendance-wise before we get "Templed" out of the league, Brad?


Benjamin said...

I have a hard time with everyone slamming this win. We won. It was awesome. NIU is a good ball club. Could the coaches have better managed the game? Sure. The breakdown on the kickoff was pretty bad, but the score at the end of the day was in our favor. Do you guys not remember how bad it was under Spaz? We run, run, run, now like we did then, but the difference is enormous. We have a coach that has a plan and is building an identity. I'm not saying things don't need improving, but sheesh the negativity after this win is a major buzz kill.

eagleboston said...

Great point, Benjamin. Just think back to the end of the Spaz era when our defense could not stop Army. Now, we have a defense that is #1 in several categories. That is an amazing transformation. And I'm confident the same thing will happen with the offense (they just got caught with a roster gap this season). The old BC would have lost this game today. These young Eagles fought to the end and found a way to win. The future is bright.

Hoib said...

We have so many more good football players than we did when Spaz left. Even though Wade was new I can now see he was way ahead of the guys behind him. Smith is a good player, but he plays the most complicated position on the field. He needs time. Flutie will have to hold down the fort for a little while longer while Smith gets brought up to speed. By the end of the season we will be a pretty good team IMO.