Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rutgers implosion good for BC

Kyle Flood keeps shooting himself in the foot and is probably on his way out. Although Rutgers is not in our conference, what happens in the Garden State still impacts BC. New Jersey is a critical recruiting territory for BC. If Rutgers is in chaos, we can pick off some of their current recruits and get in with future recruits before the school finds a replacement.

But it is not just recruiting where BC will see the benefit. I don't think Addazio will be a serious candidate to replace Flood. I think the Temple and BC connections will disqualify him to some Rutgers people as too small time with limited upside. Yet a few ACC coaches might get interest (Doeren? maybe Golden looks for a safe landing). Those potential shake ups might disrupt current and future opponents. There might even be some Big Ten and ACC coordinators who get in the mix and hurt their current team's recruiting and bowl prep.

In an ideal world Rutgers will always be a mess. BC needs to address many of their own issues to reach the next level, but a BC-friendly New Jersey certainly won't hurt our rise to the top.


Dan said...

Chaos is also a good time to pick off some 5th years either from Rutgers or whatever school loses Flood's replacement.

Hoib said...

They could bring Greg Schiano back, and non of the chaos would ensue.

NEDofSavinHill said...

A great chance for BC this Friday. They will be playing the best team in America since 2013 with a 29-1 record. Ohio St. is next best. FSU's record against the others in the ACC over that period is 18-0. Ohio St. has a record of 1-2 against the ACC in the same time frame. FSU had 29 players drafted by the NFL the last three years breaking Miami's, another ACC school's record of 28. Fans are supposed to believe that a conference with all that talent is the weakest of the Power 5? Total nonsense. Don't fall for the media hype.

mod34b said...

Daz to RU? not likely as Daz makes $2.6 million/yr. Kyle Flood just got a raise (with a complex web of incentives) that gives him an average salary of $1.15 million a year.

I think the RU coach is the lowest paid P5 coach in the USA. And the leftist NJ union types are still complaining about Flood's salary and "pay equality."

I don't see Flood being fired either. What he did was pretty minor stuff. RU knows all about the fire/suspend decisions from a series of prior debacles. If they wanted to fire Flood for the minor offense of helping a student academically, they would have done so already. They didn't.

Al Golden, Schiano, Doreen??? I can't see RU coming up with money to get near the $2.5 plus, plus, plus to get any of those guys. NJ would need to raise the tolls even higher to pay that kinda dough. ha!

But still, RU is in the B10 and hence a desirable coaching gig. If the right new coach comes along -- IF -- and can turn RU into even 1/2 a PSU, that will create big recruiting problem for BC. Think about it - a 3* Matt Ryan type from PA, would he rather go to BC and play in ACC stadiums, or play at RU and play against tOSU, MSU, Michigan and, of course, PSU? RU has a built in edge for Ohio and PA recruiting by being in the B10.

CT said...

Miami wasn't even in the ACC then. Anybody home?

Which conference had the most draft picks last year? Over the last five years? Longer?

Kinda believe the hype? I mean, just a bit maybe?

What's in the water up in Dorchester? If you're going to consistently only have one thing to say, at least, you know, a) do facts and b) practice context.

I hope our emotion is high and that we don't make any adjustments after every drive but wait until halftime. And then we can show them that the ESPN hype machine Live from Chestnut Hill was real.

blist said...

Flood would be better off if he did literally shoot himself in the foot. What a mess.