Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Looking back on the 2013 recruiting class

With the youth movement still on BC fans' minds, I thought it might be a good time to look back at the 2013 recruiting class. Due to Spaz's lame duck status, lackadaisical approach to recruiting, and his disregard for roster management, the class missed on some huge legacy and sibling opportunities (Bosa, Hayden Rettig, etc.). Throw in his firing and the transition to Addazio and you would think the class would be a total lost cause. It didn't turn out that way.

Considering how transition recruiting classes between two coaches invite problems, BC has done remarkably well during our three most recent transitions. While the coaching turnover always leads to recruit turnover, each coach was able to land a few key players in that transition class. Addazio's 2013 was a perfect example. Here are the 2013 commitments:

  • Drew Barksdale
  • Charles Callinan
  • Jack Cottrell
  • Truman Gutapfel
  • John Johnson
  • Kevin Kavalec
  • Marquis Little
  • Mackay Lowrie
  • Matt Milano
  • Tevin Montgomery
  • Atem Ntantang
  • Joel Rich
  • Tyler Rouse
  • James Walsh
  • Myles Willis

The first thing that stands out is how small the class is. Just 13 commitments. That was a Spaz issue. Addazio added two flyers in Rouse and Walsh and then used the remaining open scholarships on transfers.

There has been plenty of attrition with Little, Lowrie, Montgomery, and Walsh all gone. Injuries and depth chart challenges have kept guys like Barksdale, Cottrell, Ntantang and Rich from being significant contributors. But the rest are some of our most important players.

Willis and Rouse have played from Day 1 and been leading rushers at various times. Callinan is not getting targeted, but has been an active player for two years now. Milano is probably our most improved player this season. Kavalec missed some time this year, but has shown flashes of greatness mixed with some nice consistency. Johnson is a key starter now. Gutapfel is also a regular contributor.

I don't think Addazio inherited a stacked roster by any means, but this one class has exceeded the low, low expectations that surrounded them two and a half years ago.


Hoib said...

tying this in w/ the prior post you could say these are older players. I think it shows that Daz doesn't care who brought a player in. It's all about production. He also should get credit for convincing these guys to stay, unlike the poster child for ineptitude Onahue.

Big Jack Krack said...

One glaring problem with that class of recruits - zero offensive linemen. That's one of the reasons we are in trouble in the line right now.

I think Joel Rich started as a Tight End.

We don't have many from the previous 2 classes either. Jim Cashman for one.

Addazio was able to bring in transfers the past two years, but no OL transfers this year.

So this is the main reason that we have to suck it up and support these guys. They are pretty good, but very young and inexperienced. Plus, guys like Cashman weren't rotated in as much as perhaps he and they could have been - hence even the upper classmen are inexperienced.

We may not be a pound the rock team next year either, but no excuses from the Head Coach after that - none.

Which reminds me - if we are not yet a "pound the rock" team, why are we trying to do it again? I don't mind a strong running game - in fact I like it. But if it's not fully there, how about changing it up? This is not rocket science.

I wonder what kind of plays the players themselves would call, w/o coaching interference?

Jack Bicknell used to go through all kinds of gyrations signalling in his calls. When Flutie was the QB, the translation of the signals was "Make me look good, kid - make me look good." Check off your own, it's okay with me. Finesse the hell out of them.

We had great runners too, in hose days, but you have to mix it up!!!!!!!

Go BC.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Spaz ruined the connection with the Ohio Catholic League and also with Don Bosco(which is surprising given his belligerent New Jersey attitude).

I have never seen a headcoach or anyone in a high paid leadership position for that matter sit in front of the media with arms crossed and talk in a condescending tone like Spaz did at his last ACC media day.

He is one of the worst human beings I have ever seen in a leadership position EVER.

He was an ungrateful son of a bitch who did not deserve to be the headcoach of a college football program. I am happy that he no longer represents the university that I worked my ass of to get into and to graduate from twice.

Spaz is the personification of the word "turd."

CT said...

Tell us how you really feel.

CT said...

I say we all agree about Spaz. That's unique. We should move on.

CT said...

Even though I'm over the "daz sucks" theme, because I'm not reactionary, did u guys notice that UNC put 50 on Wake last Saturday? Ha. #gluttonforpunishment

Hoib said...

I thought Spaz did a nice job for us as DC, he was just in over his head as HC, as ATL was one of the first to sense.

Hoib said...


UNC has a good dual threat QB in Williams,whose a Sr., maybe in a few years Smith or Wade will be there.

JBQ said...

As Hoib said, you have to give the devil his due. Spaz was an above average DC. Then, the roof caved in. If you look at the offensive line recruits on the roster, they are all about 6 ft 7. They are elephants who can't run block. Smith is a very good fit for this offense. He can't pass. Against Clemson, he was 5-20 when it mattered. Flutie is a very good quarterback but not for this system. The basic system is flawed. Even Ohio St. passes the ball. Flutie is actually a very good quarterback but not for this system. This system does not work. Temple is now off the ground with a new coach. CT stated that UNC "rang the bell" with 50 on Wake. This "ain't" working and it looks like 3-9 (2-0, 1-9. The immediate "band aid" is a different OC. Hats off to Brown on the D. Bates has to go just based on his extension of a suspect coach. Coughlin would be available to straighten out the mess. Actually, the best qb on the squad as a dual threat quarterback is Robinson with more height. He has the speed. Why put him at wide receiver when you have a little guy who can't get him the ball? If you remember "the pass", Flutie put one in the air 70 yards to Phelan. He didn't have the height but he sure had the arm.

CT said...

Maybe Brown can enroll earlier. Like next week.