Monday, October 12, 2015

UConn series confirmed

The long speculated series with UConn is on the books. With that BC's 2016 schedule is basically complete (the FCS opponent is rumored to be Wagner.)

Enough time has passed that BC seems ready to move on from the historical animosity with UConn. The only remaining figure in the drama is Father Leahy and I doubt old lawsuits are keeping him up at night.

For those who are disappointed that BC did not schedule a bigger potential opponent, what did you really expect at this point? Bates and Addazio are scheduling wins and this one has the bonus of being cheap and easily spun. They can tell the media and fans they are trying to build New England football.

I don't hate the game. We have to play someone and if we are not playing anyone interesting, we might as well play someone close.


chicagofire1871 said...

Hopefully Alumni will be serving jalapeƱo, bacon, mac & cheese.

ToTheHeights said...

BC is really turning into a joke regional football program. No one outside of New England cares about this game and few people within New England care about it either. I rather travel to an away game at just about any Power 5 opponent and watch BC get blown out (see USC in 2013) than play this or any FCS game. BC isn't playing for the playoffs or even some dopey bowl game. BC is playing for the entertainment of the alumni and fans. I'll take a loss if there is some other benefit to the game. It beats cowardly wins (see Howard).

ATL_eagle said...

You don't think Bates and Addazio are counting their blessings for Howard now? Their designed path to the upper level is very different to how we view it. They won't say it, but their scheduling proves it, that an easy non-conference schedule helps BC through lean years. Those "W"s are program building.

GP11 said...

With the advent of the playoff there is one way to get into the playoff for BC... Win the ACC and hope that we are either a) undefeated or b) there are only three other 11-1 or better teams from Power 5s... At this point, we will not have the cache to beat out a team with an equal record from the Big 10, SEC, or Pac-12... MAYBE a Big XII team but unlikely. Scheduling UCONN helps that process.

If we make a playoff in the next two years it will be because everything comes out of nowhere out of the blue. Highly unlikely next year given the step back the offense is taking this year. Most likely 2017. We'll need another 2007 where everything comes together to shoot us up from and 8-4 or 9-3 year to 11-1, 12-0. Yes it's only a few more wins but that is a MAJOR leap.

If a true rivalry-mentality sparks back up in the process then great. It will only help boost interest and attendance. If it doesn't, then it was a 2 year contract that probably gets repeated every decade. Not a huge deal.

mod34b said...

Brad Bates continues to disappoint.

I want nothing to do with UConn. Ever. And it's not about some old lawsuit. It is about lowering standards by playing a crappy program and a crappy school

Speaking of crappy school with no positive reputation at all - Wagner? Seriously. That will do nothing for BC. Howard? NM State? NIU? WTF?

BB and Daz are not BC guys, and that is a big problem

Just two chumps advancing their own interests.

Tim said...

When this game is played next fall, the BC freshman class will have been about seven years old at the time of the UConn lawsuit. It's history. Let's take two wins and move on.

mod34b said...

aTL. You think our win vs Howard was "program building". ? It was a waste of time. But then again with opponents like Howard, UConn and Wagner we might just ask what kind of disaster program is BB building.?

Not good

BarraCuda said...

Wagner? What, is Tchaikovsky busy?

Hoib said...

I live in CT and this game will have a little zip in this area. I hope it leads to playing them in BB which would have allot of zip to it. As Matt03 has pointed out there weren't allot of options here, everyone's schedule is set. Probably the best would have been a road trip to Stanford next year. If that wasn't to happen, then this was the next best option. At least we're not playing Wagner, and Howard. To really fix this the ACC has to go to a 9 league game format. Would have happened already, but for the stupid special deal that was made for Our Lady of Special Deals.

Bravesbill said...

Are we sure that BC can actually beat UConn? Definitely might not be able to this year; who knows about next year.

ToTheHeights said...

If Bates and Addazio are counting their blessings for Howard, they should be fired on the spot.

What is the theoretical designed path to success? Even with bad scheduling, BC has to make it through ACC play. A smoke and mirrors out of conference record doesn't get the program national attention, nor does it really get BC prepared to win the ACC. BC beat Howard 76-0 in a time-shortened embarrassment. We have scored one touchdown in total against Wake, FSU, and Duke while being shut out twice. I just don't see it.

Unknown said...

Better than Howard or Wagner but all downside otherwise. Playing UMass and UConn elevates them to equal status. You damn well better beat them.

CT said...

When Daz said he wss going to build a fence around New England, I didn't think that included the end zone.

At this point, though I dislike the idea and the news breaks after a disaster, it's a step up from FCS and...yeah, whatever, there are bigger fish to fry. I feel bad for the sales staff, but I guess UConn will bring a bunch of fans.

I get the "building a program" point and I guess I'm pretty patient with that process but that only works if you approach some level of competency when possessing the ball. You can sell playing time, but can you sell your vision-when even youth doesn't excuse results?

Daz began dumbing down expectations before the season started. And he referred to experience on defense being the central point of that group's success after the Wake game. Though I don't agree with the overreaction after Saturday, Daz is painting himself into a corner come 2017. If he isn't beating two of the FSU/Clemson/ND trio by then, he should move on.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Who really cares anymore? Basketball is another pending disaster. Yeah - I know - we are young and rebuilding (always always rebuilding). The guy who used to warn that BC needed a nuclear enema knew what he was talking about.

TGS said...

Did GP11 actually mention BC and playoffs in the same sentence? He probably thinks the new baseball stadium is right around the corner along with an enhanced tailgating plan. LMAO!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We are a work in progress (always always a work in progress). Working in progress and always always rebuilding. And young - forever young - always always young and rebuilding and a work in progress. And then we get injured, rebuild and still a work in progress - but forever young - always young.

GP11 said...

TGS - in the words of the immortal Herm Edwards... You play to win the game. The sky is not falling. Compared to the Spaz era, we are worlds better. We can continue to improve.

The goal is to win a championship. The 4 team playoff leaves a window open for a team like BC. Once it inevitably expands to 8, the window will be a bit bigger. Yes, the stars need to align in a big way, but there is a way. 11-1 with an ACC title should get us there. It very well may have happened in 2007 if Dunbar didn't get hurt before the Maryland and/or Raji hadn't screwed up his eligibility. It could happen again.

Hoib said...


I think you're on the right track. The goal should be to build a team that can contend for a league title. As Al Skinner used to say you try to control what you can as it relates to the game. You can't control the politics of committees. So now that we find our team half way through the season, which now is certainly a rebuilding year, all decisions should be made towards that goal. If it means doing things that are a short term negative, but a long term positive, you do it. Basically if there is a close call between playing a younger or an older guy, you play the younger.

Big Jack Krack said...

Is that Wagner thing real?

Oh effing Boy!

Thanks Brad - You the man!

mod34b said...

Jack, its true. pathetic. were are playing essentially a community college in Friggin Staten Island NY that is the 3rd smallest school in NCAA FCS football. a really pathetic choice. BB is not good at his job....or maybe better to say, he is not good at advancing BC's interests. Total BS.

"The Boston College Eagles are set to add UConn and Wagner to their future football schedules, according to a report by

Boston College is closing in on a deal to host the Wagner Seahawks at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, likely on Sept. 10, 2016. The game would be the first ever meeting between the two schools.

The Eagles are also set to resume their series with UConn with the first matchup on November 19, 2016 at Alumni Stadium. BC would then travel to face the Huskies at Rentschler Field in East Hartford Nov. 18, 2017." See THIS

mod34b said...

Now i am more ticked. Brad "F'ing" Bates actually would like us to be peer schools with UMass and UConn and develop rivalries. Does BB have a clue??? Really stupid. BC builds a reputation for 100 years and dumbs it down on the cheap to shit programs. Annual Rivalries with these shit programs is part of BB's "overall plan" Really BB are you freakin' kidding me. Sellign out BC for nothing. Damn..

Also next year is WORThLESS for season ticket holders. 3 games worth seeing.

BB is also talking with that A-hole Mark Blauds. Why BB???

here is what Blauds wrote

"UMass and UConn are also expected to play each other on a regular basis as part of an overall plan to have the three New England FBS schools develop a rivalry of games.

The FCS for BC opponent should be Wagner. All that Bates had to do was settle on a date with the option most likely being on Sept. 10th. The Eagles will then face UMass on Sept. 24th, face an ACC opponent on Sept. 24th and then conclude their non-conference schedule against Buffalo on Oct. 1.

With those games in place, BC will play 3 ACC games at home–a fourth ACC home game against Georgia Tech will be played in next season’s opener in Dublin, Ireland–and have home non conference games against UConn and Buffalo. "

Knucklehead said...

You don't want them to play Howard and Maine. They aren't getting games with Georgia or Michigan for example. So this makes the most sense. Frankly, we will beat the bag out of them which is better than pretending that they aren't there; like we are now.

Knucklehead said...

That being said Bates did go to Michigan and Vanderbilt. He should work to get them on the docket.

mod34b said...

I'd take Maine over freakin' Wagner any day. What a total embarrassment to schedule a defacto commuter community college school from Staten Island, NYC. OMG. It is basically a high school team with O cache.

Another embarrassment: in 2016 our OOC schedule is Buffalo, Wagner, UMass and UConn. Wow that is a crap schedule.

BB is not a BC guy, and it shows. Does he really think BC should lower itself and become rivals to 2 shit football programs in NE? It seems that is his thinking -- and, of course, to get 6 bogus wins to get a bogus bowl.

I want BC competing to be in the top 25 and nothing less. With BB and Daz that does not even seem to be possible.


Knucklehead said...

Rage against the machine.

Knucklehead said...

I think BB is a genius he is obviously signing Wagner to a football game in order to get an angle into poaching Danny Hurley as our next BB coach.