Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pro Day 2016

While it is the star players that draw the scouts in, the BC Pro Day is not really for them. It is for the guys who didn't get invited to the Combine. It is for the guys who might be overcoming some injury or looking for one last chance. That is why BC holds one every year. Wednesday BC brought NFL and CFL scouts inside the bubble to watch the current seniors and a few recent grads work out.

The main draws were the Combine guys like Abdesmad, Daniels, Simmons and Wujciak. However, a guy like Alex Howell or maybe even a second chancer like Manny Asprilla can use the attention and scrutiny. Less encouraging for all is that only 16 NFL teams sent representative. Hopefully we will soon get to the point where all NFL teams send someone. That won't necessarily lead to a flood of BC draftees, but it would serve as validation of our talent level.

Good luck to all the guys. All you need is one team to believe.


EL MIZ said...

sort of unbelievable the #1 defense in the country has a pro day with the best d-back, linebacker and d-linemen on the team and only half the NFL shows up.

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