Thursday, September 29, 2016

BC-Buffalo preview

Based on his media conference call Monday, Addazio is very confident right now. I don't know if he is trying to send a message to the fans and media or his own team, or if he really believes it. Either way, that confidence should carry over to the game this week. The matchup is not as lopsided as Wagner, but there is little reason to think BC cannot win this game handily.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Buffalo has a few Canadians on their roster. That makes sense given their location. BC used to have a consistent Canadian presence on our roster. Not now. That seems like a wasted opportunity. Get on that Addazio! They play more than Hockey up there!

Three Simple Keys
1. Try uptempo and passing first. This is BC's last tune up before playing Clemson. Towles and the passing game has been inconsistent at best. Use this game to try new things and win the game in the air. If Clemson loads the box next week, BC needs to have faith in the passing game.
2. No defensive breakdowns. I still cannot believe we let Wagner score an offensive touchdown. Like the UMass score, it came out of a broken play. Hopefully the defense tightens things up this week.
3. A big game from the Linebackers. They were quiet last week. Let's hope they are active and productive this week.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio has not won two games in a row since last September
-- Leipold is 0-1 against Power 5 teams
-- BC leads the series 6-2
The current line is BC-17.5

BC has played Buffalo eight times. All the games have been at Alumni.

Scoreboard Watching
Louisville-Clemson will probably determine which team wins the Division and hence the whole conference.

I hope to see...
A highly motivated team. They obviously threw in the towel at Virginia Tech and came out flat against Wagner. That doesn't happen to good teams or teams that believe in their coach and themselves.

BC is in trouble if...
They can't get anything going on Offense. They cannot put themselves in a close game.

I just don't see BC losing this game. Despite my desire for passing, I think they come out running and never stop. Maybe Buffalo gets cheap score, but this game won't be a problem.
Final Score: BC 35, Buffalo 6


mod34b said...

Thanks Brad. another dog shit game for BC. you are a special guy for setting this up.

Geezer eagle said...


knucklehead said...

Buffalo is a reasonable opponent. Playing Wagner and the zoo make this game look worse than it is really.

Cannot wait to see Louisville dismantle Clemson this weekend. The Clemson and Louisville games will be awesome.

Big Jack Krack said...

We're hosting Buffalo after playing a tough Wagner team.

UCONN is at #6 Houston on ESPN national TV. They're holding their own so far.

Great job, Brad.

The other concern is that Buffalo will give us a close game because of our stupid, repetitious, highly predicable game plan.

But at least we'll be ready for Clemson and Louisville.

Big Jack Krack said...

Run the rock up the middle with a slow handoff, Daz. Make us proud.

BTW - I'm in the bring on Darius Wade camp.

Big Jack Krack said...

So much for UCONN, but at least they stepped up and took a chance.

But we got the win last week, and hopefully again this week - so Brad got the joke on them.

Boston said...

Don't give the Huskies any credit BJK, it's a conference game.

Unknown said...

With the rain, and of course the breathless anticipation on Clemson just a few days later, we will play it safe to make sure no one gets injured and that we don't give anything away to Clemson so we will run it up the gut for an entire 4 quarters to insure one if the most boring and predictable games in our history... Ever to excel.

Unknown said...

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Geezer eagle said...


Unknown said...

If I recall my Rosetta Stone: Steve Adazzio edition lessons, Mmo Nam's post is about how young this BC football team is. I could be wrong.

Knucklehead said...

I am all right with running the ball up the middle. Problem is this team, for two years now, does not have two linemen who can work together to create a running lane.

The players are not very good(The coaches aren't either).

Flexman said...

This will be the last of the sure win games on the schedule. At least I think it is a sure win game.
Go Eagles.

mod34b said...

Buffalo is a Daz dream

Against FBS opponents, Buffalo has the WORST run defense in the nation. THE WORST. They have the 3rd worst time of possession too.

Buffalo gave up 352 yards rushing to Nevada (a team blown out by ND) and 396 yards rushing to Army.

Buffalo lost to the freakin' Great Danes of Albany - an FCS team with a really stupid name. Arf! Arf!

Daz can run the ball all day and control clock aginst Buffalo. He luvs that stuff. He is going to feel like a real BIG man come Saturday evening. (until he realizes he will be shredded by Clemson the next week!)

Nevada controlled 40 minutes of 60 minutes clock and Army controlled 36 of 60 minutes.

This game is a Daz Rush dream with massive clock control thrown in.

And it should be highly boring.

BC 28 - Buff 10

mod34b said...

A few BC stats against FBS opponents

Total offense last in ACC 126 nationally
Scoring offense - last in ACC 1125 nationally

Total defense - 4th in ACC; 11th nationally (surprised we are this high)

basically - O is same as last year (yet seems to me to be significantly better than last year) and D is close to last year (but seems to me to be much worse)

mod34b said...

* Scoring offense - last in ACC #125 nationally

CT said...

Four converted extra points, Mod? Daz fixed the kicking game? I believe that deserves an extension.

mod34b said...

true, CT! progress can be measured in many ways.