Thursday, September 01, 2016

BC-Georgia Tech preview

It feels like we've been waiting for this game for a long time. For years fans talked of a trip to Ireland. Now it is here. All offseason many of us couldn't wait to get the bad taste of last year behind us. Saturday starts a new season. Addazio has always pointed to Year 5 as the time when the program would show what he can do. The reality is that this season will be just as telling. What will it tell us? We'll find out Saturday

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
This is a TV and tourism game, so it makes sense to have BC. We are usually a good TV draw in a big market and have plenty of fans of Irish decent looking to make the trip. However, we are also a school with an ever growing fan and alumni base on the West Coast. This start time is rough for those folks. I am giddy about watching BC Football during breakfast, but I don't know how much I would love it if I had to wake up at 4 AM to watch the game. I know with DVRs and streaming archives, our West Coast fans don't have to watch it live, but part of the fun of sports is the live aspect. I feel for those people out there and hope they get a good post-game nap.

Three Simple Keys
1. Interior penetration. BC needs to be collapsing the interior of the GT line and screwing up as many dives as they can. I think we have the tacklers at LB and in the defensive backfield to minimize the outside stuff. The key is blowing up the early parts of the Triple Option. Get them off schedule and maybe force a turnover or two.
2. Converting on 3rd downs. Want to see if last year was just the Perfect Storm of bad offense and that things are better now? Then watch conversions on 3rd downs. Addazio is going to keep running early, so in theory these third downs should be short and manageable. BC needs to convert a few and have some sustained drives for the first time in two years.
3. Don't allow GT to pass deep. When GT is at their best, they lull you to sleep with the option and then hit a huge downfield pass off of play action. Our DBs did a good job of preventing deep balls last year. They need to do it again Saturday.

Gambling Notes
-- Paul Johnson is 8-1 in season openers while at Georgia Tech
-- Addazio is 8-16 in ACC play
-- BC is 2-6 all time vs Georgia Tech
The current line is BC+3

Paul Johnson has faced BC three times (once at Navy and twice at GT). This is the first time he won't be facing a Frank Spaziani Defense.

Scoreboard Watching
The most important games are Clemson-Auburn and Florida State-Ole Miss. Both of our ACC foes appear to be juggernauts. This weekend will show us how dominant they might be.

I hope to see...
The Defense look just like last year. Obviously that will help BC throughout the year, but I actually like Jim Reid and appreciate the tough position he is in. If he really does keep Brown's scheme, we might actually build some lasting success.

BC is in trouble if...
Georgia Tech gets up by more than 10 early. Addazio's not known for his game management and Georgia Tech's approach can kill clock quickly. The offense may be improved, but do you trust them to comeback from an early deficit in the first game?

I keep telling myself that BC's had the whole offseason to prepare for this team and this unique game. It should go off without a hitch, right? We'll see. I expect BC to shutdown GT and get a few big offensive plays early. I think the second half will be sloppy, but BC will hold on for the win.
Final Score: BC 24, Georgia Tech 20


Knucklehead said...

Both GT and BC have poor offenses. This game is all about special teams. Field position from kick off's/punts that put either team in good starting field position and made field goals generated from the field position will be the difference.

16-13, not sure who finishes first.

EL MIZ said...

i'm most intrigued by Towles and what we'll see from him.

this profile is interesting. Towles is 6'5 250, was a very decorated high school player and then didn't really do much at a school not know for its football. if he can be similar to what Murphy was for us two seasons ago, this season will have some upside.

with the weather wet and windy, i think we'll force a few GT turnovers on the pitches. wouldn't surprise me if the D took one to the house. BC 21 GT 13

mod34b said...

I am surprised ATL that you did not focus on the OL. It is THE big question.

GT was a middle-of-the ACC defense last year. But they are bringing quite a few starters back.

The DL is very experienced and might not be the best way for our trainee OL to start the season

The GT LBs seems less formidable

A mini snap shot of GT Front 7 on D

DE. KeShun Freeman. Jr. 6-2 250. Freshman all-American. Honorable mention last year. Most tackles on DL 2015
DT. Francis Kallon 5th year senior. 6-5 294. 2016 First year starting. Saw action plenty. Last year Just not as a starter
DT. Patrick Gamble 5th year senior. 6-5 277 starter last year and several starts in prior year. 2d most DL tackles 2015
DE Rod Rook-Chungong 5th year senior. 6-3 245. 3 year starter
OLB Terrell Lewis Jr 6-2 217. First year starter. Saw action all games last year
MLB. Chase Alford Sr 6-1. 222 first year starter saw lot action last 2 years
OLB P.J. Davis 5-11 231. senior 3 year starter All ACC 2014

EL MIZ said...

good point Mod. if the OL isn't vastly improved from last year, maybe BC can leave Bates and Addazio and their multi-million dollar severance packages in Ireland and we can try Al Washington as HC.

Knucklehead said...

EL MIZ is jumping on the bandwagon. Typical.

Hoib said...

One constant from last year was no one could run on us. If that carries over we should have a good chance here. Tech doesn't throw. I just hope if we lose it isn't because of missed FGs.

Hoib said...

Or worse missed PAT

mod34b said...

but did we play an option team last year? thinking we didnt.

Gt is a very different kind of run game. We got some speed at DE, OLB and DB.. so should be defendable

Guido said...

Hoib , that is one part of the game that no one has emphasized as "A potential key" to winning this game. According to reports , punting has not been very strong in pre season and the FG kicking has also been lacking. With all the close games that we lost last year, getting the FG after a stalled drive COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE between a "W" and an "L". Or for that matter , a missed PAT.UGH - that would be so depressing !!! Go BC !!!!

JBQ said...

The "honeymoon" is now over one way or t'other. It is now Christmas Eve and you will soon know what is in the package with the bright red bows.

Hoib said...


U bet, when u play the type of low scoring ball that we do, kicking is crucial. I just don't understand why we didn't go out and get a stud kicker. To rely on Lich., seems like Russian roulette to me.

dixieagle said...

Well, at least one sportswriter down here in Alabama picked us for the "upset", 23-21. I have absolutely no idea what to expect.

Unknown said...

We will not "shut down" that offense. By it's nature (decisions on every play), GT will make some plays. I think we will do better than average. I do think EA is correct. Blowing up the line can create some turnovers. That is when they get in trouble. That offense isn't made to come from behind either.

At the spring game, we made more big plays. The D still dominated, but the O did a lot better. Either the O is better (hard to imagine it isn't - worst offense in D 1 for the last 10 years can't be hard to beat) or the D dropped in which case we are in for a LONG year. I'm betting it it the former, in which case we could surprise people.

I'm psyched for 6:30 am CST. Go Eagles!