Wednesday, October 05, 2016

As the ACC turns...watering down the schedule is in play

Earlier in the week it looked like the ACC was going to beef up its Football schedule one way or another. But as we know, things can turn quickly on Tobacco Road. The latest leaks say that the conference is willing to take less money from ESPN in order to avoid the contracted ten annual Power 5 games each Football team is expected to play by 2019.

This comes from the weak leadership in North Carolina. Commissioner John Swofford has never been a good consensus builder -- look at the botched first expansion, losing Maryland, the flip flops on nine games, etc. I don't know who is driving the pull back. Based on Bates' track record, I doubt it is him, but I can see BC joining the group of "less money/easier schedules."

The only reason the ACC feels like they can take this risk is because the Big XII is such a mess. Our place at the table is secure as long as their is a weaker, more disorganized conference out there. But being fourth place is not a good long-term strategy. Hopefully something talks some sense into the leaders and they actually agree to the contract they signed.

The problems of the ACC often mirror those of BC. Both organizations need to decide what they really want to be and then go forward in a direction to fulfill their goals and vision. Instead, both always say one thing, do another and then change direction again when there are threats or criticism. That sort of flipflopping never leads to consistent success.


mod34b said...

The Cupcake diet is back!

Big Jack Krack said...

The cupcake scheduling makes me want to vomit. The casual and also loyal fans that we have lost already are not very interested in seeing NCSU and WF come to town. Throw in 4 god-awful cupcakes, and half our schedule is terrible to the very fans we are trying to get back.

I never bet on the horses, but I had a friend who did.

In studying the betting form, he would say "Show me the past performance."

He would then do his calculations, pick the 2 horses most likely to win, and then "box" all the other combinations with those 2.

In studying BC under Bates and Addazio (and Christian) what we get in looking at the past performance is really disheartening and bleak.

What are the chances these guys will turn it around by interjecting some enthusiasm and common sense into their efforts. What are the chances they will create a product that is attractive to the fans they need to bring back?

It sure does look as though our players need new "trainers and managers", just like the horses.

Guido said...

Big Jack Krack - You are absolutely correct. If Bates and Addazio do not go soon , it will be another 10 years before BC athletics become relevant in this town. I hear people mention Tom Coughlin for AD in the interim. That is the type of individual needed-authoritative , no nonsense guy who could effect a quick turnaround. Throw the big $$$ at him 3-4-5 million and say - GET IT DONE TOM !!!!!!!! I gave up my season tickets , but was interested in the Clemson game , so called the ticket office - without telling a long story , let me say that the individuals working there need more training since they were unfamiliar with the facts around a recent offer made to former season ticket holders. BLOW UP EVERYTHING and start over . Coughlin would do that and accept no excuses from anyone !!! Go BC -try to keep it close and GOD BLESS WELLES CROTHER !!!!!!!

Guido said...


Knucklehead said...

As the last 4-5 years have gone by I have seen a lot of buttoned down type players come through the basketball and football programs. That is fine when your programs are successful however, I think more emotional and sports focused players are required for Boston College to get back to an average level of success.

It is my belief that Boston College has stringent standards for who it is willing to offer scholarships(I am not sure exactly what those standards are though). That being said, Boston College needs to "diversify" its approach to whom it will recruit and to whom it will offer scholarships, on a short terms basis. I think this would make the programs successful more quickly than they are trending currently. Then when the football and basketball teams get back to average the "standards" can be raised back to the current level.

If I were coach Dazzler or friggin Brad Bates I would ask for some flexibility in this regard sooner rather than later. Although the washout of Outlow and Sherman Alston might indicate that they already have.

Knucklehead said...

Check out the Welles ski hat.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

FYI - this just came out and will compete with the USNWR survey.

Tim said...

Nap Bon-
The link is subscriber content only. Can you summarize?

mod34b said...

As we wait for ATL preview, here is a sobering statistic:1070

No it is not a new IRS form

BC has not beaten a team that has a winning ACC record for the season since November 3, 2013 (bear VT)

That is 1,070 days ago

That is 2 years, 11 months and 5 day

We have not even won - as we know - a conference game since 2014 (the NUT mentioned this very point yesterday while taking a dump on BC)

mod34b said...


Knucklehead said...

The Wall St Journal dinged BC for its teaching/administration and resources dedicated to students.

I agree with its findings there.

Knucklehead said...
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blist said...

The ACC's thinking must include the idea that better records lead to better bowls with bigger payouts that will make up some of the shortfall of the money they've turned down