Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Behind the scenes on ACC's schedule debate

There is a very interesting article in Tuesday's Daily Press. It gives all the details on the ACC debate over an eight or nine game conference schedule.

BC remains committed to the ninth game. Regardless of who wins out on this issue, I am glad the 9+1 model is BC's focus. Playing the one additional ACC  game solves many of BC's schedule issues and gets Coastal Division teams to Alumni more often. The 8+2 policy might bring more variety, but the logistics for BC are always going to be difficult. We don't offer a big stadium pay day and represent a long trip for many Power 5. If you include our desire to play like-minded schools, there just aren't enough non-ACC teams to go around.

The issue has to be decided soon. There are a few swing schools in the mix, but I still believe that the 9+1 model wins out. It is certainly what is best for BC, but I also think it is best for the ACC.


mod34b said...

Are you suggesting BC gets off the Cupcake diet and moves toward competitive football? Radical idea!

I wonder if Bates knows that a new competitive game might be a L and preclude use from getting to a "toilet" bowl

JBQ said...

As always, "mod34b" makes the case. It is time to light the torches and begin the "tarring and feathering". The situation is bleak and the light at the end of the tunnel can only be another train.

bceagle91 said...

Mod, at this point, getting to a toilet bowl is a reach. You're certainly spot on about getting off the cupcake diet. It's nauseating.

mod34b said...

bce91, true. any bowl is a stretch this year.

we need to beat 3 of the following UConn. Syracuse, Wake. NCSU.

we are not beating Clemson. FSU. L'ville.

if you look at ESPn, the present the percent chance of winning games.

for BC's schedule (clem, Syr, NCSU, L, FSU, UConn, Wake), the chance's of winning are (in order) 8.1%, 67% 20.5%, 6.1%, 4.8%, 72.6% and 35%.

Turning those into decimals, and using the sum of the percentage approach, gets you 2.1

that means BC is most likely to win 2 more games (Syr and UConn) and be 5-7. No bowl

But I have serious doubts about Syr. Syr Defense is horrible (so is our O), but their offense can sling the ball. How good is our D - we gave up nearly 500 yards to VT. UConn might be our most evenly match opponent this year. How's that for sucking. OMG.

EL MIZ said...

i wonder if only 1 more W this year secures Addazio AND Bates's termination. i think there are decent odds we don't win any other games. based on the Va Tech game, i think the players are very close to quitting on Addazio and his bullying, coach like a coward coaching style. he still can't control his emotions, and i can only imagine it is zero fun playing for a guy who flies off the handle at a slight mistake, doesn't put you in a position to win, and coaches like a coward against any legitimate program. if Clemson demolishes us, and we subsequently lose to Cuse, i think Addazio is done.

is the BC AD job more compelling if we fire Addazio - so any AD candidates know they'll be able to pick "their guy" to be the football HC?

mod34b said...

losing to Clemson - by 1 point or 48 points - is expected.

losing to Syracuse, is a big deal. It means we are again historically bad and against the worst team in the ACC. presently Syracuse has the worst (#128) defense in FBS. Worst defense in ACC.

but they have the #4 offense in ACC and #1 passing attack in ACC.

If we lose to Syr, there is a likelihood we go 0-8 in ACC.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - don't you think the chances of victory over NCSU (20.5%) and WF (35%) are a little low?

El Miz - I like this ..............."Addazio and his bullying, [coach like a coward] coaching style."

We ask a lot of our players when they have to overcome the #3 team in the country that is on the hunt for the national championship - and also they have to overcome their own coach!

JBQ - yes, it sure is bleak.

We need a tougher and more interesting schedule. Yes, we'll go to Ohio State; yes, we'll go to Michigan; yes, we'll go to Penn State, Tennessee, Stanford, Texas, Texas A & M, USC, etc. just like we used to do.

Hell, let's go back to WVU and Maryland and Rutgers and any P5 team we can get BYU, Boise State, etc.

If I ever hear of another Howard or Wagner, I will personally lead the ouster charge to Bates' doorway. DeFilldicko and Bates have ruined our schedule, and reputation, and our HC's and their OC's have ruined our ability to compete - and alienated our fans.

You can't make this sh@! up.

Let's go BC players - beat Clemson!!! :-)

mod34b said...

jack .. I do think some of those chances are too low and some too high, but those are ESPN's predictions.

if our games against Syr, NCSU, UConn and Wake are 50%, 40%, 50% and 60%, we still project to just 2 more win.

Big Jack Krack said...

Wow, Mod - this is bleak indeed.

I'll be at the WF game in Winston Salem - the last game of the season.

I hope we're not looking for our first ACC win to prevent 0 and 16.

Certainly no Head Coach should survive that.