Monday, October 17, 2016

Get ready for lots of 12:30 games

The ACC announced that the NC State game will be at 12:30 pm and shown over the air on local affiliates. I think our record and our TV market will lead to a few more 12:30 games before the season is over.

The over the air game is usually the third pick by the ACC. While the rest of the games are on cable, it is the lone Raycom production. The stations that pick up these games vary market to market, and that is where the benefit of BC comes into play. Most ACC games will always be shown in long-time ACC markets in the south. However, when BC is involved, Raycom is able to get coverage in less traditional ACC markets. Obviously Boston is going to carry a BC game, but it helps to get Providence and Springfield, etc. BC also helps a little on the west coast and other northern cities. If that game is between North Carolina and Virginia (like their matchup this weekend), many of those New England stations do not pick up the game.

Ideally BC goes on a run and some of our final games have national implications. But if we don't, the ACC's TV partners will still care enough to grab BC with their pick.


mod34b said...

"Ideally BC goes on a run and some of our final games have national implications"


well, i guess, if anyone dares lose to BC they will drop like a stone in the polls. not feeling that, though. except for 'cuse, we have a 76% to 96% percent chance of losing all of the other remaking ACC games

Geezer eagle said...

ATL, when are going to stop trying to put lipstick on a pig? Your continuous rosy optimism is wearing thin. BC football is a joke and the laughing stock of the ACC if not the nation.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We all hate a sky is falling level of pessimism without full justification. On the other hand - a level of optimism based on false hopes (or LSD) with very little underpinning it (beyond victories over the likes of Wagner, Buffalo and UMass) is equally disturbing. At some point - it is what it is and the focus has to shift to recognition, deliberation and correction. BC is at that point. There will be plenty of hope and optimism with well thought out adjustments, new energy, new priorities, challenging expectations and hard work from the top down. Until then - it looks pretty bleak. Hope I'm proven wrong.

EL MIZ said...

LOL mod i thought the same thing. BC goes on a run - we may win one more game. i have zero faith in this team.

mod34b said...

Ha! the one win "run" against UConn.

But Brad Bates has faith - from March 2016

"''We have two excellent coaches in Steve Addazio and Jim Christian, and I have total confidence in their ability to fix the situation,'' Bates wrote. ''Both understand the challenges ahead and have plans in place to address them and produce winning programs. I have absolutely no doubt they will succeed.''"

Geezer eagle said...

And I thought politicians spun the truth.

Big Jack Krack said...

Well, Mr. Brad Bates has tied his own credibility to Addazio and Christian.

I can understand why he would have to do that, but at the same time it is the reason his contract will expire and he will not be renewed.

Sink or swim with your own decisions, Brad. Unfortunately, you have dragged us all down with you. What used to be a fun diversion from our everyday lives has become an embarrassment.

But we don't want to give up on our own school, and so we will have to wait out another cycle.

Sad and pitiful.

Guido said...

I will repeat a comment that I am sure has been stated before !!!! Get some BC grads in positions of power and PAY THEM A DECENT SALARY !!!! If your AD is a BC grad , he will have EXTRA INCENTIVE to do a good job. There is a loyalty/pride factor that can not be quantified !!!! I would suggest that the new AD or whomever utilize a small group of their BC peers to evaluate moves that were being considered to advance the goals of Boston College. GO EAGLES - My depression is deepening to the point that I want BC to lose every contest so that they (do not know who they represents -BOD ???) blow up this mess and start over !!!!!

Shabby1011 said...

Big Jack sentiments are shared. BC has had a great history and a lot of outstanding players/teams. BC is a great university and it is completely unacceptable to be in the current state we are.

We are a real embarrassment on the national stage and within the ACC. The level of apathy around home contests is truly sad for those who have been who have graduated from the school.

ATL can we address/have topic on why is Bates even being allowed to run out contract? If he is a lame duck and decision has already been made why allow him to continue working at BC? Hard decisions that eventually must be made are always better executed if done immediately. John Kane or Barry Gallup are more then qualified to run the department until year end.

Let him go now (especially if they lose Saturday) and start process of new AD now. If new AD is hired at some point in late spring the new leadership could make a decision to change football program leadership. We are wasting another full year by allowing this to linger and it directly effects the student-athletes and the future of fan support. If Addazio returns after another winless ACC year then the apathy will reach levels that will make it near impossible to recover.

Big Jack Krack said...

As I have stated in previous years, my very first - and I mean very first experience as a BC Football Fan as a student, was my Freshman year Game #1 and our unbelievable Hail Mary at the end of the game to defeat Syracuse 21 - 14 at Alumni Stadium. Lenny will tell you the same story. To this day, it's in my Top 10 of most exciting games I have ever attended.

Syracuse was only a few years removed from their National Championship, and they had two All-Americans in their backfield - Senior Jim Nance and Sophomore Floyd Little - both of whom went on to stellar NFL careers. In those days Syracuse was the best team in the East, with Penn State rising shortly thereafter.

It is possible for BC to defeat such a team!

Just another reason why the current state of affairs is unacceptable to fans. I can't understand why our President and BOT don't seem to get it. Maybe they finally do get it, and a transition plan is in place. I hope so. I'd love to see the $ numbers for Flynn Fund DBS falloff and general gate fall off under Bates/Addazio. It's got to be substantial.

I have been an avid fan ever since that September game many years ago (1964), and maintained my season tickets for 15 years after moving 1,000 miles from Boston in 2001. But scheduling Wagner after Howard finally did it for me. I will return as a Flynn Fund Season Ticket holder when this thing turns around. (Some examples - Level of Play; Facilities for players and coaches [IPF]; Game-Day experience[Sufficient areas for full tail-gating and picnic tailgating for all who want it]; Welcoming atmosphere; Marketing to bring back the fans and fill the seats with realistic pricing, including game day parking, etc.)

In the meantime - Go BC players - beat Syracuse. You can do it. we are 19 and 30 all time against Syracuse, I think. Let's make it 20 and 30 this weekend.

Towles - please check off at the line and call a real college football play from time to time. :-) Conspire with your teammates to play to win the game!

Big Jack Krack said...

Definitions -

Full Tailgating means grilling and all that entails - with certain designated areas for that with realistic pricing.

Picnic tailgating means no grilling, but sandwiches and cheeses, etc., which comes with the price of the ticket and parking on lower Brighton. If fans have tickets, but do not park on Lower Brighton, they can Picnic Tailgate in many places throughout the campus. Throw down a blanket, as an example, and enjoy your picnic and drinks of choice.

This isn't Rocket Science, BC! Welcome your alums and friends and fans back with open arms.

Big Jack Krack said...

One final rant for now - tying a plush tailgating spot to Flynn Fund DBS is absurd.

If you want 50 yard line seats like I had, that's great. Donate to the Flynn Fund. We all understand that.

Full Tailgating or Picnic Tailgating should be separate transactions and available and attainable by all fans, not just Flynn Fund Donors who want the best seats.

My $.02

Shabby1011 said...
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Shabby1011 said...

Completely agree on the donating to FF and why is it tied to parking? Allow large FF donators (10k+)to park in reserved areas, in front of Stadium, Beacon and Robsham then open it up to everyone. People who are going to donate $500-$2000 bucks are going to do so anyways and you are not incentivizing them by giving them options of lower Brighton or Comm Ave garage.

Allow fans to pay $100-$200 bucks to park on campus during game days. First come first serve. Start at Shea, once filled up park at Comm Ave, then Upper Brighton. Make Lower Brighton $20 bucks a game with campus privileges. First come first serve will get people on campus EARLY. If you allow them on campus 8am start for 12:30 games, 10am for 3:30 and Noon for 7:00 there will not be a mad rush, people will be more at ease, you will get more non alums who like football to come and you will get people in the Stadium before kickoff!

It is so simple and easy to articulate that it is painful to write that it hasn't happened yet. The school leadership is so inept in this one area I just don't understand. Tell Newton and Brighton to stick it, what are they going to do? They can't do anything so stop giving in. All we are asking for is like 10 extra hours of time spread out over 6 Saturdays 3 months a year so you are not abusing your power by telling them you are dictating how this issue is going to go. How has this not happened before?!

Shabby1011 said...

Last comment and will be short.

I am a proud alum and fan of all BC sports and athletes. I, like all alums, want the student-athletes to be in a position to succeed and want the the entire athletic department to succeed. I don't want to sound like a total negative nellie which I know these two rants sound like.

I don't hold any personal ill will to anyone in the current admin. As stated they all seem like very very nice individuals and are trying to do their best I am sure. However they are all getting paid very appropriately for their positions and the results are just not there. A lot is probably not their fault but it is what it is. There needs to be a wholesale changes. The lack of competitiveness and fan apathy is embarrassing for the school, alums and student-athletes.

Knucklehead said...

The school doesn't care about Flynn Fund, parking donations or ticket sales that is all bullshit gravy to them. The TV deal is rich and as long as we are in a conference with revenue sharing the quality of the teams do not matter to the school.

When you have assholes in charge, Bates and people with no ties to the school, Fish, Leahy, Bates, Addazio and Christian there is no TRUE desire to succeed on the field.

I don't think there is anyone in charge there who cares. They all just want to get paid and keep their plum jobs.

The only way something changes is if a public protest is held on the campus that gets publicized on the TV news


a public roasting by someone like Doug Flutie on an Notre Dame broadcast or Matt Ryan on ESPN.

Ryan and Brees set up the pregame unity prayer before the Atlanta/New Orleans game this season in response to Krapernicks stuff.

Ryan might step up and say something.

Geezer eagle said...

Flute and Ryan leading a public protest. I like that idea. Throw the bums out and replace them with BC people.

John said...

If the school doesn't care about FF donations, abolish the DBS program.

CT said...

Ryan is the safest employee a company could have. As a Falcons fan, the man speaks words and says nothing. Cliche central. Flutie should do it.