Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Iowa State taking shots at BC and other links

Things are bad. We are headed for an AD change and barring a great turnaround, are probably headed for a coaching change. But our history -- both recent and long-term -- is much better than the current perception of Boston College. Take this quote from Iowa State's AD with regards to the Big XII's decision not to expand.
"When you know that the athletic administrators think that the best solution is the solution we currently have, why would we then want to say no we'd rather have 12 members? "Because we want to add more schools to this league that are going to be like Rutgers or Boston College in their conferences? Which have no fans coming to the games, and they're getting outscored 170 to whatever it was. In Boston College's case, haven't won a game in two to three years in their conference. That totally dilutes your value."

Anyone representing Iowa State has true gall to criticize any other school or talk about "diluting value." Iowa State's whole value to the old Big 8 and the current Big XII is to be doormat to the conference powers. They are the Washington Generals of the Midwest! The bring no fans. They are not the flagship school in their state. They bring no academic reputation. No TV markets. No fans. Oh, and they are currently 1-6!!! Who are they to talk? BC is a better team than Iowa State is now and has been much better historically.

BC needs to get its act together for because we are wasting our athletes' time and wasting the university's resources. But we also need to win so we can silence our critics.

BCI posted a good preview of the basketball newcomers.

In case you missed it, BC posted a good article on field hockey star Lucy Lytle.


John said...

This is where we are - getting ridiculed by Iowa State.

Thanks Brad - great job.

chicagofire1871 said...

It's kind of odd that Iowa State of all school would mention BC. Feels kind of personal to me. Did BC not interview this ISU guy years ago? Why the pot shot?

CT said...

Wow. Usually there's a fraternity at that level that prevents that kind of statement.

Obviously ISU isn't one to talk. But to make a point by making it personal? Very unusual. Even SEC ADs who don't get along couch their statements with subtlety when talking about other conference schools. Guess this guy figures, "it's BC, what do I care?" Ballsy in this day and age of watered down corporate comments.

True. But ballsy.

knucklehead said...

Have you seen an Iowa state basketball game in Ames? Pretty good crowd.

knucklehead said...

The truthful noise aside. It sounds like they are considering bc for the big 10.

Georgia Eagle said...

This conference jumping needs to stop. Conferences should be geographically regional. I rue the demise of the Big East.

TheFive said...

What can you say about that criticism other than it's sad but true?

I hope more people in higher education -- athletics administrators and university presidents -- make reference to the embarrassment of Boston College athletics. Something needs to make the university pay attention and do something about it. The cratering of its season ticket base and negative-to-non-existent local media coverage isn't catalyzing anything.

It's unfortunate that BC is grouped with Rutgers in the comment, as there is a difference between the two schools. When BC joined the ACC, it was competitive -- fielding strong teams in basketball and football that reached their respective conference championships. Rutgers hasn't been competitive since day one in the Big 10. But in the decade since it joined the ACC, BC has let its athletic infrastructure atrophy.

Over the past 10 years, with the explosion of money into college sports, most schools have invested in their programs. BC hasn't. It has taken the money, pocketed it, and done nothing to field competitive teams -- other than overpaying for a stupid Addazio contract extension two years ago. Schools in the Big XII are right to look at BC and say that the school's experience cautions against expansion. Our experience has been embarrassing; we're taking a lot of money from the ACC and bringing the conference nothing, whatsoever, in return. That the criticism is coming from Iowa State is irrelevant -- it's true.

Shabby1011 said...

Hopefully this comment is being shared with upper administration. Ultimately they will not like being mocked by a state school in Iowa and lumped in with Rutgers from an academic standpoint which is all they care about.

Completely agree with comment above, it is true so what can you say. Unbelievable that BC has sunken this low that we are being criticized by Iowa State.

Big Jack Krack said...

There's no question that we deserve the criticism.

We also know that we didn't have to be in this situation, but our leadership and Tone at the Top re: Athletics has been poor.

I hope that someday, that will change for the better.

I'll be at the Wake Forest game this year after Thanksgiving (why are we playing them at the end of November instead of Syracuse?)fortunate to be in the President's Box with Wake friends.

If we are still looking for an ACC win, I'm seriously considering wearing BC attire with a bag over my head to emphasize the way I feel.

The stadium will be pretty empty due to the Holiday Weekend and students going home, etc. It will give me a chance to excuse myself from the box, walk outside and yell down to the Head Coach exactly how I feel. He'll hear it too, because the place will be quiet, relatively speaking.

I apologize for being so negative, as I love my school.

mod34b said...

jack - you are hysterical.

Remember the "unknown comic" -- Here is his pic - I can imagine you in BC garb - bag on head, with eye's cut out and large mouth cut out for better screaming -- screaming at Daz - who looks up and is freaked. Fits in very nicely with the Clown Scare craze going on

Great Post Jack

mod34b said...

in fact, I can see a movement of all the students wearing a bag as the "unknown student" protest... now that would make news...

student express deep embarrassment -- for short we can call all of the "Little Jack Kracks"

run with this students!!

mod34b said...

as for the jackass at Iowa state, he is Jamie Pollard -- here is his email jbp@iastate.edu and AND his Pic and Bio and phone

give him a piece of your mind

yes he did tell the truth, but was artless in naming BC, especially given how pathetic his school is

Eagle Boston - aren't you an IOWA guy... what the deal with Pollard?

knucklehead said...

Yeah a protest. Like I said yesterday.
Novel concept.

knucklehead said...
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bceagle93 said...

TC for AD and HC in 2017

rcmbc81 said...

First, it's 1 3/8 years, not 2, and not 3. Second, we have 3 top 10-15 teams in our division and a cross-over against a 4th, so 1/2 our conf games are against some of the best teams in all of college football. Third, Iowa St is the PERENNIAL doormat of the Big 12 (which is on the verge of extinction, and is the clear 5th Conf of the Power 5), so, those in glass houses...

Finally, if I was our AD, upon reading that crap, I'd be on the phone with the Iowa St AD in 2 seconds, and ask, "so, you want to play?"

rcmbc81 said...

Let me add, unfortunately I heard the same thing on the Sirius/XM college football morning show, Zarzour and McElroy. The context was Rutgers getting waxed by Ohio St and how/why they could even be in the B1G. One of them, forget which, threw in the ACC taking BC as another example of a complete competitive mismatch.

We can complain, but at the end of the day, the only thing you can do to change is win.

mod34b said...

ACC taking BC was a good choice competitively for the ACC and BC - but only at the time and for a few years (even without consideration of new large TV market)

B10 taking RU was quite a surprise .... but I suppose it was about TV footprint more than anything else. Of course bumfuck Iowa has no TV market to mention. There are towns in NJ with a bigger TV market the Iowa.

But BC has engaged in self-sabotage. Sadly, BC's ADs have been ruthlessly effective in destroying our sports programs (or, more likely, hideously incompetent and unable to recognize and hold value).

Thanks Gene and Brad - you did not do your jobs.

BC Hopeful said...

Conference Records - last 2-3 years

2014 0-9
2015 2-7
2016 0-4
Total: 2-20

Boston College
2014 4-4
2015 0-8
2016 0-3
Total: 4-15

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Putting aside the fact that the ISU AD should not have made the comment - it was accurate and sadly reflects how we are perceived. I really think this is hurting the school in numerous ways. Sort of surprised that the Heights shows no similar passion over the problems. Beginning to wonder whether anyone other than these few blog sites has a concern.